Feb. 22nd, 2017

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I'm getting dragged into this whole thing with my uncle and I hate it. My dad wants to go the hospital tonight to see him and I'm getting dragged along I have not a clue why except that my dad can't hear so he takes me along. Yesterday I received forms from my bank for a personal loan right now considering taking it and filling it out to buy my dad hearing aids so he can stop using his deafness as an excuse not to do everything!!!!!!!!!
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In my defense I work in a hospital nothing shocks me anymore. Saw my uncle it's bad I could barely understand him but he is alert. He had another stroke, he has right sided weakness, he has fluid on his lung with throat bleeding. He has a nasogastric tube for feeding. The doctor was there so we had a chat and he inserted some fluid into his left arm. Looks like a very long road ahead.

I should be nicer to my dad he didn't hear anything that's why he took me along. I wish I had money I'd get him hearing aids within a week if I did.


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