May. 11th, 2017

a_lone_mirage: Claire/Jamie (Outlander)
Pretty sure I'm going to quit my job next week.  I haven't worked for about 2 weeks now and they aren't giving me shifts so it's adios.  I'm going to go ask co-workers to give me references.  I've been applying for jobs like crazy but not hearing back and forgot how depressing job searching is.  I was thinking of  going to tafe but I would be even more debt and that's not good thing.  So I just have to stay focused and keep applying i guess. 

I've been playing around in Lightroom and it's awesome. I'm totally going to make a photo book for Leigh of her son of all the pictures we have taken the past 3 years that we never showed her or mark.  I've got some really good ones. 

Mothers day is this sunday and mum wants a microfiber blanket like the one I have so I'm going to go tomorrow and buy it might have to store it as my sisters though. 

I've caught up on outlander and love it so much unfortunately the fandom has some serious drama so I won't be getting involved there but the show is amazing,

I've been watching prison break on Netfix and love it. 


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