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The hub just announced a Stargate Convention in Sydney with main original cast plus jonas and chuck.  I'm going so I can finally meet my idol Amanda Tapping.  She is a total hero of mine.  

I'm getting a day ticket and buying photo op's and signatures there on the day.  I was thinking of getting vip but honestly I don't have $500 extra for group photos and panel on stage. 

I'll book flight's once I get paid just fly down to Sydney for the day and home at night Only takes 2hrs

Gavin DeGraw is coming to Brisbane in his 1st concert tour her and it's a Monday night and in a venue I hate but I love that he even considered touring Brisbane so of course I'm going I just hope I don't have to work the next day.  I think my schedule will be Wednesday to Saturday but I'm not sure.

I emailed the other place and quit.  I feel terrible but honestly this other job is closer and pays way more.  I just wish I would plan for the future a little more. 

Also I just ate 4 slices of pizza hahaha


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