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 I'm having a garage sale tomorrow to get some money I seriously take $50 right now as bliss.  I've got so much stuff for sale on ebay gumtree and facebook it's not funny.  I didn't hear back from regis so I must have been too unfit to work there.  I still have the interview Monday which I hope I get and they just tell me that day.  If not Tuesday first thing I will be signing up for government unemployment. 
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The interview went very well.  It's a huge pay cut I'm currently on just over $27 p/h and now this job is just over $19  p/h so I'd make about $80  a day which isn't much.  The difference in pay would be $200 a week. 

The commute takes an hour and a 45 minutes to get from my home to there.  If I got the job I would have move closer within 4 weeks because it will drive me mad if I don't. 

The job seems nice though I would get assigned an area and do it everyday. So stability would be good they have weekend penalty rates which is awesome.  I might work every second weekend just get to get a bit more money.  I would get so fit with all the walking. 

I have to go to a fitness test tomorrow afternoon in the city.  In the last 2 months I've let myself go I'm so unfit and fat it's horrible.  That is what stress does to me though. 
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This one is next Monday and I actually really want it as it's got a direct travel route and would pay more.  However I'm still going to try my best tomorrow.  A job would be such a blessing instead of going on unemployment.  I didn't get the references I wanted I'm not sure what to do about that honestly. 

I'm so overweight right now that the clothes for interviews are not impressive at all.  Plus I don't have any money to buy anything nice. 

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It's on Wednesday at an aged care place near the bay.  I'm so nervous I haven't gone to a job interview in 5 years!! I have not a clue how to promote or be positive about myself.  

I can do the job no problem but answering questions like:
So tell me about yourself?
Why do you want to work for us?
What is your strengths?
What is your weaknesses?
How have you dealt with a difficult situation?

These questions all really bug me because it shouldn't matter the job is physical cleaning as long as you are nice to the people where you are working and can be a hard working employee why does it matter?!!!
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Pretty sure I'm going to quit my job next week.  I haven't worked for about 2 weeks now and they aren't giving me shifts so it's adios.  I'm going to go ask co-workers to give me references.  I've been applying for jobs like crazy but not hearing back and forgot how depressing job searching is.  I was thinking of  going to tafe but I would be even more debt and that's not good thing.  So I just have to stay focused and keep applying i guess. 

I've been playing around in Lightroom and it's awesome. I'm totally going to make a photo book for Leigh of her son of all the pictures we have taken the past 3 years that we never showed her or mark.  I've got some really good ones. 

Mothers day is this sunday and mum wants a microfiber blanket like the one I have so I'm going to go tomorrow and buy it might have to store it as my sisters though. 

I've caught up on outlander and love it so much unfortunately the fandom has some serious drama so I won't be getting involved there but the show is amazing,

I've been watching prison break on Netfix and love it. 
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 I'm pretty sure I'm on the verge of losing my job.  My work is cutting casual shifts all together in all departments.  My boss said that she wouldn't fire anyone but that she would move everyone to part time work.  I've called all week and they have nothing.

I hate the job so much but I hate being unemployed more.  I just need to drive so I could have more access to jobs out there I feel so trapped and worthless.  I've done nothing but cleaning for the last 7 years.  Which means I have no actual skills that are worth anything.

I would love to do data entry but unless I get a traineeship or pay for a course that will never happen.  I'm too old for a traineeship.  I'll have to go on government payments for unemployment which means doing volunteer work to learn skills while going to interviews that lead nowhere.

Today is my nephews 3rd b'day and I couldn't afford to buy him anything. 
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 I've been busy clearing out my uncles house.  It was stressful to say the least.  Now we are trying to sell everything we saved and honestly I'm not having much success.  People on ebay are so cheap I mean the stuff is used but barley and it works wonderfully and they like want it for $5.  Some guy msged me that he would buy his pool table for $450 and it comes with all the accessories.  It's worth 4 times that but I'm selling for $800.

My laptop has crapped out on me so I'm using my old one and I realise I miss it the keyboard layout so much.  Maybe I should have brought an acer instead of asus but I called the store today and he said that my hardrive has disappeared so to drop it off and they will either fix it or get me a new one since it's still in warranty.

I've lost interest in FED  it just seems like I'm never going to understand how to do it.  I know I should keep at it but I just feel so useless at it.  I don't have a creative bone in my body at all tyring to make it look good is pretty much all it is and I can't.

I'm going to see Hans Zimmer on Saturday hopefully that will make me feel better. 
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So today I spent a few hours lol making a webpage style with div boxes.  Which is a lot harder than you would think.  I'm really not creative when it comes to css my brain just goes blank when I think of how to style it and then looks boring cause I go with minimal style. 
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It took me about 6hrs lol.  I wrote it from scratch and even learned to use flexbox which is awesome.  It doesn't have any javascript but it does have 3 links and article area.  Not bad for my very 1st attempt.

I think I'll try and make every couple of days until it's habit and I can add more css and javascript.  I will download bootstrap once I feel comfortable enough to use UI frames and kits. 

I'm hoping if I can get used this way of thinking I will have better memory skils which would be great.

Tomorrow I have to go empty uncle pauls house I'm so not doing his bedroom or the bathroom yuck.  My sister got him a nursing home but when the nursing home called the hospital a nurse told them he was restrained and a difficult patient.  Now the open spot goes to someone else because they don't restrain patients but honestly he is restrained for his own safety. He can't stand but has movement in his legs so it's dangerous when he moves he could fall out of bed or chair if he tried.

I don't what we are supposed to do.  He needs high care but none of them do the high care he needs.  This is why family members end up taking care of relatives because there are no care facilities with what people need.  We will not take care of him though we can't don't have the equipment or room.  Plus on other occasions he has told us he doesn't want that at all.  My sister is going to have a breakdown if this continues for much longer.
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My uncle

Apr. 17th, 2017 10:33 am
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He got moved to the locked psych ward at the hospital for violent behaviour. My dad wants me to go with him to visit today and I really don't want to. Not because of the psych ward just because I can't understand much of what he says and you can't hold a conversation. He just gets so angry and frustrated that he can't move or speak the way he wants.

My sister has been getting rid of all the stuff at his house and I'm glad they haven't asked me to go through all his stuff. I just wish things would improve I wish he cared about improving.


Apr. 15th, 2017 03:30 pm
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Spent the day getting back to JavaScript. I'm gonna learn this shit until I'm an expert. I feel good, watched tutorial all about conditional logic so that was something.
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So I was supposed to work tomorrow but my feet can't handle it the pain is awful and sharp I had to sit down 7 times today and massage me feet. So no full time work at all. I hate this job so much but I can't afford to go to school and learn something new. I have no actual skills and I'm not a people person. I feel so useless.
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So old Robert at work finally retired the poor dear. His position is yet to be filled. It would be mon-fri 7am-3pm the whole year. It's one person job but you have to do a lot of places and things during the day. I prefer working alone I'm not sure my body can handle the stress of doing 22000 steps a day pushing a cart. I would be responsible for all the areas to be clean.

I would lose weight
I get to work alone
I could finally earn decent money
I could move closer to work
I could pay off my car

I hate this job doing it 5 days a week = major depression
My body particularly my feet won't be able to handle it
I would be responsible for audits
The commute until I could move = RAGE
I would have to do full clean of morgue yuck

I'll talk to my manager tomorrow see if anyone else is going to do it. If not I might as well I could finally change something in my life and get off this merry go round.
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Well that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So this isn't just a graphics journal now it's my whole journal so I'll just post whatever I want.

I've been taking the iron tablets and feel awesome I can't believe the difference it makes. I have energy and I actually lost 2kg because I've been exercising
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Hi so I was Dolphinchic at livejournal this is my new handle. You can find me at tumblr and twitter with this same handle.


Apr. 5th, 2017 06:11 pm
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Got my blood test results back turns out I wasn't eating enough iron.  You're supposed to have a minimum of 10 in your blood I had 6 so he put me on tablets and gave me a list of foods to increase.  Other than that I'm perfectly healthy which is such a relief.  He said if I had left it for more months I would have become aneamic so lesson learned eat healthy everyday no more being lazy.
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Went to the doctor yesterday finally.  He was good he ordered me a blood test for various reasons they took 4 viles of blood! I'm hoping they find something that tells me whats going on.  I'm actually thinking it could be pre-diabetes which would be good because I can do something about that.  I'm hoping it's also vitamin deficiency cause that can be treated easily.  I'm just so sick of being exhausted and irritated.

He wants me to do a sleep study also but I'm hoping the blood test comes back bad so he will just phone me and give me treatment otherwise I'll have to do a sleep study in the coming weeks.

Got my hanson ticket yay!!!! Just going to brisbane can't be bothered doing anything else.  I'm happy they kept their word about coming back to tour as long as there was interest.
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I've been house/pet sitting my brothers house since sunday and honestly I'm so exhausted.  He has a low brick house with a big yard in a dead end street in regents park.  It's so quiet out here and dark compared to where I live that I was so unsettled by every single noise I heard.  Yesterday however the police helicopter flew and hovered right over the house apparently looking for a lost elderly women but the police in the helicopter used a speaker and I couldn't hear what they said I thought it said something about a dangerous person on the loose stay indoors.  So naturally I got about 2hrs yesterday morning from 4:30 to 6:30am.  Tonight it's back again hovering over the neighborhood.  There must be drugs or something in the area because it comes at about 10pm and stays until 5am doing whatever they do but the noise is so annoying. My mind starts running through all the bad things that could happen while I'm here alone in a very accessable home.   Lucky Jedda the dog barks something fierce at strangers and will totally protect what's hers.  So I brought her inside tonight because she will hear something real far more than I will and she will attact if that's what it takes.

I'm never house sitting here again it's too unsettling and quiet.


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