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It's my mums b'day today so we are going out to dinner tonight at a local place.   I honestly don't like eating out it's awkward and the options of what I can have are limited.  Dessert is good though.  

Hanson will be here this time next month I'm excited I paid for all my hotels and I still need to pay for 2 flights so I'll do that this weekend.  I'll be flying on Jetstar and Virgin airlines.  I  just hope I have enough money for transport I should I'm working my ass off lately taking every shift I can.  

Soundwave was announced and all 4 bands I suggested on facebook are coming I'm super excited.  I wanted Metallica, Anthrax, Garbage and Blink 182.  They are also bringing Linkin Park and Paramore so that's very cool.  

My friend invited me to her going away drinks at Fridays in the city I've never been there but I'm going cause she is a great friend.  I just need proper clothes I'm so not dressy.  

I'm re-watching all of Smallville it really is amazing when you watch it all together the character storylines makes sense.  I still hate what they did to Lana and Mr Kent but it impacts Clark in a big way so whatever.  Lex and Lionel Luthor are genius.  
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It was Livinas 5th birthday today. I can't believe she is 5 it's so weird. She opened her presents I got her Tinkerbell sticker book she loves Tink at the moment and I got her a cd with kids tunes on it. Then we had dinner and chocolate mud cake. We didn't get around to eating the cupcakes we made.

I got an interview on Sunday which is good it's food prep which I hate but I just need a job I'm sick of being unemployed.


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