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I've been working a lot this week and my body is starting to feel it. Ouch!  Tuesday was kinda of an awesome day of surprise I went out to buy Fringe season two ended up buying Supernatural Season 5 will have to have a SPN marathon again soon.   I got almost this psychic vibe that the book I wanted to read would be out I went into the bookstore and looked on the new release shelf and there it was I was so surprised and happy that I literally gasped!  the lady down the isle turned to stare at me as I grabbed it and headed to the counter.  It made my whole week I can't wait to find out what happens to Matt, Perrin and Rand in Towers of Midnight.  So far the Aes Sedai piss me off but nothing new there I just wish there was more Matt.  I kinda don't want this series to ever end I think I will cry when it does. 

Cobra starship are coming back but with Maroon 5 I hate Maroon 5 couldn't they come with like GC or someone I actually like.  I guess I will still go but just for them. 

It was remembrance day today so we all stopped at work for a minuet silence.  It makes me sad to think of all the people that have lost their life in the armed forces.  War sucks.
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Last night was fucking amazing.  Owl city were openers which was cool they played my 3 fave songs from their album and it really got the crowd amped.  Cobra Starship have now claimed number the #1 position of best band I've ever seen live.  They just went off I've never felt a connection to a band onstage like that before its something I'm never going to forget. 

They played in no particular order:
City is at war
Pete wentz is the only reason we are famous
You're not in on the joke
Nice guys finish last
The scene is dead; long live the scene
Move like you gonna die
Smile for the papparazzi
Kiss my Sass
My moves are white (hot that is)
Send my love to the dancefloor I'll see you in hell (Hey mr DJ)
The church of hot addiction
Bring it (snakes on a plane)
Gulity pleasure
Wet hot American Summer
Hot Mess
Good girls go bad

I didn't buy any merch.  I'm so going to 3 of their concert when they come back.


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