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It took me about 6hrs lol.  I wrote it from scratch and even learned to use flexbox which is awesome.  It doesn't have any javascript but it does have 3 links and article area.  Not bad for my very 1st attempt.

I think I'll try and make every couple of days until it's habit and I can add more css and javascript.  I will download bootstrap once I feel comfortable enough to use UI frames and kits. 

I'm hoping if I can get used this way of thinking I will have better memory skils which would be great.

Tomorrow I have to go empty uncle pauls house I'm so not doing his bedroom or the bathroom yuck.  My sister got him a nursing home but when the nursing home called the hospital a nurse told them he was restrained and a difficult patient.  Now the open spot goes to someone else because they don't restrain patients but honestly he is restrained for his own safety. He can't stand but has movement in his legs so it's dangerous when he moves he could fall out of bed or chair if he tried.

I don't what we are supposed to do.  He needs high care but none of them do the high care he needs.  This is why family members end up taking care of relatives because there are no care facilities with what people need.  We will not take care of him though we can't don't have the equipment or room.  Plus on other occasions he has told us he doesn't want that at all.  My sister is going to have a breakdown if this continues for much longer.
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I spent the day doing JavaScript and I can do it!! I'm so excited about this. I'm so thankful there are free tutorials from microsoft and mozilla and other websites/companies.

I wish I knew where all the forums are from like the early 2000's. I can't seem to find any. One thing about the internet today is no one really talks about stuff today. It's all instant posts no archives it's annoying. Even all the layout journals on here are dead.

I guess with places like github everyone is there but I don't feel comfortable enough to go there yet.
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Started JavaScript and the very 1st lesson I got wrong I've been looking at it for 40 minutes trying to figure out what I did wrong but couldn't see it so I'll do it again tomorrow hopefully with the right results.

One good thing about all this coding is my keyboarding skills have improved dramatically. So I'm happy about that.
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I have been continuing website design it's kinda amazing what you can do when you really work at it. I'm not at all a natural at it but I am enjoying it.

I've been holding back from giving my all to something because I know it goes to complete waste when nothing comes from it in the end but this I think I'll be happy just to have even if it isn't something that is used for work purposes.


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