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After 7 and a bit years I'm finally finished with my nutrition degree. I did my final peice of assessment today. I'm sure I passed everything this semester. I just have to re-do my first aid certificate in december. I can't believe I made it. I never finish anything and at times I really did want to quit and I took a year off to work but in the end I'm happy that I stuck it out.

I can't wait to get a job, get my liscense and get the hell out of here.
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So I just got back from clinic and I had a patient who just wanted some dietary advice.  She was tired not sleeping and having skin breakouts.  Elena didn't turn up so it was just me and an observer.  I forgot to ask some stuff but overall I thought I did really well.  She needed to increase her protein for energy and increase vegie and good fat intake.  I had it all worked out and then I went and presented to the supervisor and she made me second guess everything.  I don't know what it is about this women but I loose all confidence when presenting to her.  I ended up writing up dietary advice and supplementing Magnesium.  She will come back in 2 weeks which is the last clinic I will do.   Hopefully the supervisor doesn't fail me I don't want to have to repeat this clinic that would suck.
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I got my results today it's all good I passed yay! I think I'm in Supernatural withdrawal I can't wait for september to come I need new episodes!!!  So first week of clinic we had one patient and I've still got to do research on that but I do like my partner and the rest of the class which is cool.  I've got to do a first aide certificate on the 25th so that should be interesting.  I just need to get a job and everything will be perfect.
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Every year this happens on enerolment day and this time I thought they were prepared but no the website crashed.  By the time I got through there was one clinic left with 4 spots left.  So now I have to do winter school for the other clinic which I hate because they cram a subject that takes normally 15 weeks into 5 weeks and now I don't get a break or holiday.
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Rant )
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I go back to college next week.  I'm freaking out by how much I have to do.  I need to buy a laptop I'll have to get a cheap second hand one.  I'm kinda freaking out about seeing patients I hope I get a good clinic partner.  I just hope that what I've learned will stay in my brain and I won't look like an idoit.  I hope I don't have john for clinic lecturer he sucks.
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You know sometimes I get really about being in nutrition and what my future is going to be like.  I like understanding how the body works why it works.  I like finding out how one little thing can effect other systems and spiral out of control.  It gets me excited to know that I'll have the tools to help people with allergies, digestive problems, emotions, cardiovascualr problems and the list goes on and on. 

Today I found summer school for the unit I want is full that could change and I'll have to keep an eye on it but if I don't get it means I won't get out until the end of next year and it makes me really fucking angry because I have been there so long now it's starting to screw up my whole life.  I want out damnit I got 6 more subject to do that's it.  It shouldn't be this draining. 


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