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Got my computer internet connection up and running spent all playing around with all the new features it's pretty cool and so super fast makes me giddy. I didn't think I would like Windows 8 but it's pretty cool once you get the hang of it. The only thing is I got a new computer for iTunes purposes I couldn't stand how slow my old one was however while I can run iTunes it will not sync songs to my iPod how ironic is that? There seems to be a few fixes that other people found like getting iTunes 9 and that works but then you will have trouble buying songs. Windows 8 isn't compatible with iTunes 10 so they offer to run the program as compatible with Windows 7 or XP and while this works for a lot of people it did not work for me. It would say my iPod was syncing but it wouldn't actually add new songs to my iPod.

So now I'm using the genius free program Winamp which doesn't have compatibility issues and works on everything. I transferred my iTunes library to Winamp and sync the songs to my iPod that way. I still buy them off iTunes though.

Shame on Apple.

Going to supanova tomorrow very excited.
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A new computer without internet connection is fancy worthless rubish.

I got my new computer delivered today was super excited until I realised I lost the install disc for my internet service. Probably threw it out last clean out. So I can't install anything else because you need the internet to activate every single program that you have. Ridiculous.

Have to ring telstra and get them to send me out an install disc which they undoubtedly charge me for.


Mar. 17th, 2013 06:38 pm
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So unbelievably pissed and disappointed. I brought a new computer pre-installed with windows 8 with wireless keyboard and mouse. I get home put it all together and it doesn't work. I just get a screen that's black with a 99 in the corner and the computer makes no sounds or anything. I can't even find the factory reset button so that I can wipe it and load all the disks it came with. I'll have to take it back to the store tomorrow.


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