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My neice and I went last night and it was incredible.  They handed out armbands upon entry and they lit up during each song various colours it was awesome to see the whole stadium that way.  We were second row on side of stage so we had alright seats the ladies infront of us didn't stand so Liv got to see everything it was her first concert and she really enoyed it she danced her butt off and sang her out heart out.
Taylor has definetley improve her strength when singing I've see her before but last night she really belts out some notes.
She dedicated Mine to a girl named rachel who I found out had died in car crash this year but was a fan.

All up it was great night and I had an awesome time.


    Welcome to New York

    New Romantics

    Blank Space

    I Knew You Were Trouble (Remix)

    I Wish You Would

    How You Get the Girl

    I Know Places

    Mine (first time live on 1989 World… more Tour; dedicated to Rachel)


    Love Story (1989 Remix)


    This Love

    Bad Blood

    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock Remix)

    Wildest Dreams (contains elements of "Enchanted")

    Out of the Woods

    Shake It Off

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    Last night was fun.  He played everthing I wanted to hear the crowd was nice and I had a great view.  I love hearing songs live it makes me fall more in love with them and honsetly I could watch Andrew play forever he has such energy and charm.  He sticks his tongue out when he sings, I've never seen that with anyone else.

    Setlist (in no order)
    Dark Blue
    High Dive
    Canon Moon
    Driving though a dream
    Halls (so happy he played it)
    Rainy girl (so beautiful)
    Watch the sky
    Maps for the getaway
    Black and white movies
    The mix tape
    La La Lie
    Cavanaugh Park
    I woke up in a car (wanted to hear this since I was a teenager!)
    Cecilia and the satelite
    Senesthesia (he came into the audience!)

    The only song he didn't play that I wanted to hear was learn to dance but oh well I heard everthing else I wanted to which was awesome.

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    They were insanely awesome!  I got there just before twin atlantic went on and was next to the sound cage so I had a good view although it was annoying having people trying to get in and out of the bottom section push past you all night.

    That was the best FOB concert I've seen for their performance they were all on point.  Andy is such an amazing drummer I really admire him.  Patrick  sounded so amazing I mean he always does but his voice has gotten so strong and his onstage confidence is really awesome to see.  Pete and Joe too were on point.  As a band they seemed so much happier then I've seen them and showed in their performance.

    They played a lot of songs I wanted to hear off the new album and some great old stuff like Grand theft Autumn which I loved.

    Somebody shouted for them to play an old song and Patrick was so cute when he answered he was like I admit I have sung that song before and then he sung the chorus and everyone joined in it was fun.  I wish I could remember what it was I will later I am sure.

    Anyway I had a fun night and no tall people stood in front of me :)

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    Went to my Hanson concerts.  The Brisbane one was ok but I was surrounded by people who weren't really fans they got drunk pretty quickly.  Hanson did a good job and they did the bee gees acapella song that was magical.  I loved the gold coast one though the set list was amazing and I met a girl called Rachel so we had fun we were piano side near the speakers.  I'll never forget they played save me, cried, been there before (my fave off the walk)  and man from Milwaukee which was awesome. I was so impressed with the way they played the crowd I thought it would suck cause there were a few too many drunk and screaming girls but they re-did the set list and wore people out with the songs they knew and then the fans got all the songs in at the end.  It was super smart.  I wish I could have gone to more but I didn't have the money.  Next time hopefully.

    Twin Forks

    Sep. 16th, 2013 02:35 pm
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    Honestly I was wishing this morning that they would announce a tour here because I was listening to Dashboard Confessional and then City and Colour tweet that they are coming on tour to Australia with them and I freaked out.  I screamed really loud and then proceeded to buy tickets.

    I don't really love Colour and the City but to hear Chris Carrabba sing I'd do anything.  I'm so excited.


    May. 2nd, 2013 07:29 pm
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    Went to the concert last night. 2nd row had a blast. I think Aerosmith was my first true musical choice that wasn't influenced by anyone. I've like them since I was 10/11 yrs old and I always wanted to see them live. They may be old but my god they still have it! I was so impressed the drummer looked he could be my grandfather or something but he did an epic Drum solo. Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had awesome chemistry onstage in fact the whole band got along great. I know that Joe and Steven really have no interest in each other outside of the band but you couldn't tell that on stage.

    Steven Tyler hit all the notes and sang all my fave songs. I still can't get over it. They closed with Sweet Emotion which is my favourite song.



    Absolute dream come true.
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    I arrived at 7pm the line was already down the street it was insane.  We finally go in at 7:45pm I wanted to be as close to the stage as I could but had to go to the toilet so I ended up on the balcony upstairs. Matt Wertz comes out and nobody cared around me except me I really love him so I sang along.  He really won the crowd over though he is amazing at least 4 girls around me were on their iPhones buying his albums off iTunes as he played them lol.  He got the crowd to sing to songs they didn't even know amazing.  

    Hanson came out they opened with Waiting for This which sounded ok but they had tech difficulties and Ike and Tay were annoyed.
    Tay didn't sound right the sound for him was wrong and Ike was pissed his guitars weren't done properly so after the first 2 or 3 songs they went off stage had a band meeting and decided to do acoustic of Madeline which was a dream come true while the techs fixed everything.  Then they relised the crowd was mostly newbies/oldies so did heaps of old songs and zac songs because nothing was wrong with his sound.  Which I had no problem with Zac is my fave.  Once everything was fixed they played a bunch of song including a beatles cover and another cover song. Which both had Zac on lead.  Ike really has grown as a guitarist and was great and Taylor is charasmatic on stage your eyes can't help but go to him.  I was on his side of the stage so I had perfect view of him.  

    I took photos but my camera is shit and most of them are blury and far away.  I took some video but I will work on that in the following concerts.  I'll be closer to the stage at the other concerts.  I can't believe I saw Hanson it happens too infrequently but each time is magical.  

    Set list in no order

    Waiting for this
    Where's the love
    Thinking bout you 
    With you in your dreams
    Can't stop
    Runaway Run
    You never know
    This time around
    Strong enough to break
    Get up and Go 
    Lost without each other
    Penny and me
    Carry you there
    Been there before
    Voice in the chorus
    Musical Ride
    Cover song - Oh Darling
    Cover song - I need you
    And I waited
    Thinking bout something
    Give a little
    If Only/Let's get it on


    Mar. 2nd, 2012 10:21 pm
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    Melbourne was great.  The concert was unbelievable.  Hands down best concert I'll ever go to in my life I reckon.  If Chris Carrabba comes back on Dashboard confessional tour I'll go to every single concert it's on my list of things to do. Chris kept giggling cause we were so loud he had to turn up his in-ears and kept swearing saying fuck you sound so good.  I just love him.

     Relient K, Jacks Mannequin did awesome set lists.  

    Dashboard Confessional set list.

    Personal highlights were Be my escape, Therapy, Sahara, Swim, Holiday from Real,  MFEO/You can breathe, Belle of the Boulevard, Again I go Unnoticed, Dusk and Summer, Get me Right, As Lovers Go, Hands Down, Vindicated.

    For the Encore all the bands came out and performed Straight lines by Silverchair, El Scorcho by Weezer and then Vindicated.

    I got video of Hands Down and El Scorcho.  If you want to watch it go to my photobucket Melbourne album here.

    Melbourne Review by nova
    Good article.

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    Went to her concert last on the gold coast with my sister.  What a legend.  She is a flawless performer.  It was up close and personal not a production like velvet rope was.   She did a range of songs from her number ones album.  Favourites for me were:

    What have you done for me lately
    Love will never do without you
    Rhythm nation 
    Go Deep
    That's the way love goes
    Doesn't really matter
    Together Again
    All for you

    During Together again she had photos of her and Michael growing up playing on the screens.  My sister cried.  We got up and danced it's just such an uplifting song.  I think everyone felt the magic of that moment.  

    She has such a beautiful voice it didn't waver or crack at all and she still moves likes she is 20.  She did the dances with her group they were really good.  She interacted with the crowd and laughed with her dancers it was nice.

    After All for you she thanked the audience for their support of not just her but her whole family.  I had a really good time and I still can't believe I saw her perform.  

    I took some photos and got a program.  I might post some later.


    Dec. 11th, 2010 12:27 pm
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    Muse Concert at Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia Setlist on December 6, 2010

      1. Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture 
      2. Uprising 
        (Riff version)
      3. Knights of Cydonia
      4. Resistance 
      5. Supermassive Black Hole
      6. MK Ultra 
      7. Butterflies & Hurricanes 
      8. Nishe
      9. United States Of Eurasia 
      10. Sunburn
      11. Helsinki Jam
      12. Undisclosed Desires 
      13. Time Is Running Out
        (Riff intro)
      14. Hysteria Play Video
        (Interlude intro, Back In Black outro)
      15. Starlight 
      16. Bliss
        (Extended w/balloons)
      17. Encore:
      18. Citizen Erased 
      19. Plug In Baby
      20. Take A Bow

    It was an awesome concert the crowd sucked IMO.  Got heaps of photos fell in love with Dom my obessions with drummers continues.  They had the best sound even with some tech difficulites.  Matt has an incredible voice.  They played everthing I wanted to hear would loved it if they played stockholme syndrome and Assassin but it was really awesome they played older songs that I wasn't expecting so that made me happy.  They have really good Merch I brought a hoodie and tour shirt. 
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    Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow Yay I can't wait to see them again!!!  The concert isn't till March 17 2010 but I can wait I'm so happy they are headlining. I wonder who will open?
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    The Concert last night was awesome!  I really enjoyed All american Rejects I had never seen them live before so I had a blast!  They are amazing live.   They played: Gives you hell, Mona lisa, Real World, Swing Swing, Dirty little secret, I wanna, Move along and 2 other songs I can't remember.  I hope they come back for their own show cause that half hour was not long enough.

    I was second row by the left stage stairs but I ended up first row cause the girls infront of me left during fob.  Fob came out and I swear they get better everytime I see them.  Patrick voice is freakin amazing I can't get over how strong it is and how long he can hold notes for and how high he can go.  He looked so good last night I loved seeing him strutt his stuff on the guitar it was really hot.  I actually understood what Pete was saying last night in previous concerts I've gone to I only understood every 3rd word.  He was so close last night I could have reached out and touched his guitar.  I really loved the drum thing they did last night on I think it was disloyal order of water buffaloes that was fun.  Joe is a lot of fun to watch he has so much energy on stage.  Andy as always was epic on the drums.

    They played a lot of old rather then new stuff which iscool but I would love to hear more folie a duex songs. 
    Setlist in no particular oder:
    Disloy order of water Buffaloes
    Headfirst slide into cooperstown
    I don't care
    Beat it
    I'm like a lawyer with way I'm always trying to get you off
    This ain't a scene it's an arms race
    Thnks for the Mmrs
    The take over, the breaks over
    Nobody puts baby in the corner
    A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me
    I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song
    Sugar we're going down
    Grenade Jumper
    Grand theft autumn

    As Patrick was singing Saturday and Pete was getting ready to go into the audience he somehow pulled Patricks head back or something I just remember Patrick giving Pete this look but he didn't falter playing or singing I was impressed.
    Today I'm little sore but it's totally worth it.  I hope they come back soon they are probably on plane to sydney now. 


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