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I went to the concert last it was fantastic.  It's was so great seeing all 5 of them again I had side view of the stage so I had a good view just not really for photos cause they were rarely facing me.  They played a standard set list and there were some sound issues when nick was about to do his verse  in Incomplete his headset had no sound so he ran over to sound booth and they gave him a proper microphone but they still had some minor issues so the audience and kevin filled it in but they got it to work and that was about it for sound issues.  They still harmonize and sound like they did 10-15 years ago and they tease and back slap/hand slap/ hug on stage when dancing.  The dancing was great especially for WGIGO  Backstreets Back.  Nick Carters hips should be illegal that boy can move and he was full of energy last night.  He and Kevin had cute bromance going Kevin said he really like Nick's hair and Kevin kept touching it throughout the night especially during love somebody and shape of my heart.  Brian was adorable as awalys waving to people and blowing kisses he even did a walking handstand at the end of a song.  Howie got egged on to do a sexy little dance shaking his hips so he did lol the audience did scream lol  AJ sounded so much better than last time he was on point and went into the Audience to sing at one point.  They are all so greatful and happy to be doing this.

The call
Don't Want You Back
Permanent Stain
All I Have to Give
As Long as You Love Me Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)
Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
I'll Never Break Your Heart
We've Got It Goin' On
10,000 Promises
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
The One
Love Somebody
Shape of My Heart
In a World Like This
I Want It That Way
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Larger than Life

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Today I'm sore half deaf and my voice is croaky because last night was Awesome!!  I loved seeing them again they are amazing live.  I still can't get over how strong their voices are and how hot they  look up close.  I was the 2nd last row on the right ground floor which was really close because it was an intimate show.  The best thing I think about their shows is that you can see that they really enjoy performing with each other that they have no concept of personal space.  Nick and AJ were shaking their butts all through out the show lol.  Brian no matter who was singing was interacting/teasing the crowd and singing along no stop.   His wife and Baylee were there and when they came and sat with the audience a bodyguard was with them and everyone knew who they were and wouldn't stop staring some people took pictures which wasn't right to me.  They seemed used to it.  There was another women with long brown hair skinny looking I think it might have been howies wife I'm not sure though.  Nick and Brian are so cute together on stage they were hugging and singing to each other through the show.  

Song list in no particular order:
You can let go (my favourite song it's really beautiful live)
The trouble with love (howie is amazing) Nick was like we are going country
Treat me right
Helpless when she smiles
Something I already know
Any other way
The one 
Show me the meaning of being lonely
All I have to give (so beautiful)
More than that 
Everyone (which was a suprise that I loved)
Shape of my heart (encore so loud)
The Call
Welcome home
Dive by (I think that's what AJ song was called)
Nicks drumming (so much fun)
Nicks songs I've got you and something else with sexy electric guitar
Howies song
All I have to give 
As long as you love me (went off)
Everybody (backstreets back) So loud and fun They even did the dance :)

It was Brains birthday so they brought Baylee up and AJ put the mike infront of him so he would say happy birthday and he wouldn't say anything so Brian goes oh I know what this is he doesn't talk in anyones mike but daddys so he goes to put the mike in front of Baylee and Baylee just sighs and then they are asking him say Happy Birthday to Brian but he say 'I'm not allowed to talk' he said more but I forget what said haha it was so cute though the whole audience went "Awwww" and then Brian kissed him on the head and AJ brought out the cake which was this small blue cream thing and we sang happy Birthday to him and he blew out his candles.  The he sang welcome home but he's like "see they make us work on our birthdays".

It was a fantastic concert I'm so ticked off I couldn't take my camera in I couldn't find a place to strap it to my body either I was tie to my leg with my shoe lace but it wouldn't stay put.  Hopefully there will be video youtube soon though because heaps of people got their camera phones in and girl next to me had a camera.  If I knew where they were staying I would go stalk them before they leave to get a photo because I know that they wouldn't be mean if you ask nicely.  I got a tour book the photos in them are excellent and an alarm blue tour shirt.

Sorry for the lack of punctuation but I'm just too happy.



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