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I best time tonight!!!  I was having the most epic fat day ever where I was completely depressed and I almost didn't go.  So fucking happy I did.  I got there to see yellowcard go on and it was awesome.  Ocean Avenue still rocks out.  All Time Low impressed the fuck outta me.  I like their music but I didn't think they would be that good live!  I kinda wanted to adopt Jack and Alex they were funny.  Time Bomb was my fave song from them I hope I can find it on youtube tomorrow. I wish they played more songs instead of talking. 

Panic! at the Disco was the reason I brought a ticket and they fucking didn't dissapoint.  Brendon Boyd Urie you are one sexy man and I'm not gonna lie you turned me on!   The crowd were awesome during Panic too.  They played
1. Ready to go  
2. But it's better if you do
3. Mona Lisa
4. Lying
5. Trade Mistakes
6. Camisado
7. Hurricane
8. I believe in a thing called love (Epic Brendon!)
9. Let's kill tonight
10. Nine in the afternoon
11. Time to dance
12. Nearly Witches
13. I write Sins 

An hour was not enough.  I have to fangirl for minute about Brendon ok.  The vocal range he has is incredible he can go so high  and so low and rumbly and soulful my god so soulful. I want him to sing show tunes guys, or like do a battle on glee with Kurt or Rachel. 
He was so rock star last night drinking beer, stripping off his shirt after the 2nd song, the girls infront of me kept yelling take off your pants (he didn't ) but nice try girls.  He strutted that stage shaking his ass (sexy ass)  during I believe in a thing called love he pinched his own nipple and made me laugh.  He played keyboards and I was mesmerized,  he giggled on stage and he has the most adorable giggle.   I could feel his energy from where I was and he so happy.  He made my whole year worth it.

I didn't get anything signed or meet them mostly cause I would burst into tears or something.  I'm going to go find video of last night cause my camera didn't have any memory and I only took like 5 pictures. 

Note:  You know how Disney stars do songs together? I want bandom boys to do this!  Can you imagine how epic it would be to have  Brendon, William, Patrick, Alex DeLeon and Gabe do a song together.  The harmonies alone would kill me :)  
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Last nights concert was pretty cool I love Cobra Starship  the whole band is awesome I wish they played longer.  I wish I got to meet Gabe if I knew he was doing meet and greets I so would have gone.  They sold out of Cobra merch so I didn't buy anything.  I can't wait for them to come back now.  They played :

The city is at war
Guilty Pleasure
Smile for the Papparazzi
Bring it (Snakes on a plane)
The Church of hot Addiction 

TAI was good William  has a nice butt lol They played their new song which was cool and the album comes out saturday so I'll get that.

Panic came out and did a great set.  They played everthing I wanted to hear.  John was on stage bare foot he has sexy feet.  Brendons voice was amazing,  Spencer did awesome job on drums and they all looked like they were really enjoying playing together.


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