May. 25th, 2015 02:29 pm
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So I finally met the Supernatural Cast it was so great they so much fun and so nice.

I was so nervous abut meeting Jensen but he was so sweet and beautiful.  He has anime eyes they sparkle I couldn't hold eye contact with him.  I went to do the photo and he pulled me into him by my shoulder and I put my hand on his shoulderblade and the photographer took the photo but I was smiling too big and my face sort of angled so I hate how I look next to him but I'm happy the photo happened.

The panel's were funny nothing too serious  Timothy and Osric were awesome.  Mark Sheppard was really lovely I love my photo with him and Odmunson.  Odmunson hugged me in the photo and I giggled.

I would love to go next year but the Hubb need to sort out the schedule. I reckon give VIPs a day and regular tickets a diffrent day.

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So I've been really sick with food posioning and the flu since Sunday.   I feel like utter crap but I just brought a day ticket to AHBL convention Sydney for Supernatural. I'M GOING TO MEET JENSEN ACKLES OMG!

They just annouced it today for may 24th which is really short notice for a convention but I just got a day ticket and they say you can buy Auto and photo tickets on the day.  The ultimate ticket was $2500 but I'm not really interested in spending that kind of money plus they sold out. My love for SPN has dimmed I just just want to meet J2 and get a photo.  They haven't said where they are holding the convention yet so I can't book a hotel yet.


Nov. 5th, 2010 09:04 pm
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I just registered tickets for me and my mum to go to the Sydney taping of the show at the Opera house.  I will totally blow off work if I win tell them I'm sick or something knowing my luck my managers will see me on tv if I do win.  I really want to go it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don't mind spending all that money flying down there and getting accomodation. 

I was going to go to Sydney in December anyway for Gate to the Sanctuary to meet Amanda Tapping I was looking at ticket prices and accomodation the other day.  It's in Parramatta though couldn't they get anywhere else?  It'll be expensive but then all I need a photo and autograph from SG-1 will be Michael Shanks I still can't believe he was here last year and I missed out! 

But if I get these ticket for Oprah I'm only going to be able to afford one so no Amanda.  But I think Amanda will be back if Sanctuary keeps going strong.  And who knows who they will have for the Stargate convention next year.  

Armageddon for next year will have David Hewlitt and I really want to meet him since last time he came I was unemployed and totally broke.

So many Conventions so little time.


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