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Went to the doctor with my x-rays it's all good I just pulled the muscle no broken bones.  The antibiotics worked because I've stopped coughing.  

Still obsessed with criminal minds found season 7 online so I'll watch that this  weekend cause the dvds don't come out here until december 5th.  I even made a new LJ layout with my very first self made LJ Header featuring the wonderful Matthew grey Gubler.

I just finished making coleslaw and had a vegie burger with it.  YUM.  

Might go swimming tomorrow the weather is awesome.
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So for the past 3 weeks I have been watching non-stop criminal minds.  I love it so much.  Dr Spencer Reid is my favourite.  I love the whole cast though they mesh so well Hotch is incredible I like when he smiles. Garcia rocks. Her fashion, her style, her smarts, everything about her is just pure awesome.  I miss JJ she and Spencer had a nice friendship.  Also all the guest stars that have been on supernatural and criminal minds is awesome I love when actors end up crossing over into my favourite shows.  I know Guy Normanbee worked on both shows so that is cool.  

I was so obsessed with watching this that I completely forgot about the Everclear concert a band I have wanted to see since I was 12. I'm not that upset over it even.  I'm pretty sure I have a broken rib I haven't gotten the x-ray though yet I just don't want to go and get that done.  The doctor gave me antibiotics so my cough has finally gone.  

Yesterday was a year since my nana died. I still hate work.  I'm still working a lot though cause I need to buy some new appliances and I want to move so I have the goal at least.


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