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 I've been busy clearing out my uncles house.  It was stressful to say the least.  Now we are trying to sell everything we saved and honestly I'm not having much success.  People on ebay are so cheap I mean the stuff is used but barley and it works wonderfully and they like want it for $5.  Some guy msged me that he would buy his pool table for $450 and it comes with all the accessories.  It's worth 4 times that but I'm selling for $800.

My laptop has crapped out on me so I'm using my old one and I realise I miss it the keyboard layout so much.  Maybe I should have brought an acer instead of asus but I called the store today and he said that my hardrive has disappeared so to drop it off and they will either fix it or get me a new one since it's still in warranty.

I've lost interest in FED  it just seems like I'm never going to understand how to do it.  I know I should keep at it but I just feel so useless at it.  I don't have a creative bone in my body at all tyring to make it look good is pretty much all it is and I can't.

I'm going to see Hans Zimmer on Saturday hopefully that will make me feel better. 
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It took me about 6hrs lol.  I wrote it from scratch and even learned to use flexbox which is awesome.  It doesn't have any javascript but it does have 3 links and article area.  Not bad for my very 1st attempt.

I think I'll try and make every couple of days until it's habit and I can add more css and javascript.  I will download bootstrap once I feel comfortable enough to use UI frames and kits. 

I'm hoping if I can get used this way of thinking I will have better memory skils which would be great.

Tomorrow I have to go empty uncle pauls house I'm so not doing his bedroom or the bathroom yuck.  My sister got him a nursing home but when the nursing home called the hospital a nurse told them he was restrained and a difficult patient.  Now the open spot goes to someone else because they don't restrain patients but honestly he is restrained for his own safety. He can't stand but has movement in his legs so it's dangerous when he moves he could fall out of bed or chair if he tried.

I don't what we are supposed to do.  He needs high care but none of them do the high care he needs.  This is why family members end up taking care of relatives because there are no care facilities with what people need.  We will not take care of him though we can't don't have the equipment or room.  Plus on other occasions he has told us he doesn't want that at all.  My sister is going to have a breakdown if this continues for much longer.

My uncle

Apr. 17th, 2017 10:33 am
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He got moved to the locked psych ward at the hospital for violent behaviour. My dad wants me to go with him to visit today and I really don't want to. Not because of the psych ward just because I can't understand much of what he says and you can't hold a conversation. He just gets so angry and frustrated that he can't move or speak the way he wants.

My sister has been getting rid of all the stuff at his house and I'm glad they haven't asked me to go through all his stuff. I just wish things would improve I wish he cared about improving.
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I'm so over going to the hospital.  We can't understand what uncle paul says and he gets angry.  I'm pretty sure the staff think we are horrible cause we only stay for like 30 minutes.  It's just awkward trying to interact when it's so one sided.

I've been meaning to buy the staff a massive box of lindt chocolates.  They certainly deserve it putting up with his grumpy ass.
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Today my dad went through my uncles phone and finally saw that he is gay. He is still in the hospital and will be for a very long time. My dad and sister are in control of his bills and things and putting all his belongings in storage so they need to go through all of his stuff.

Another reason to be a minimalist is that if something happens to you or you die your family is going to have go through all your shit. Remember that.
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In my defense I work in a hospital nothing shocks me anymore. Saw my uncle it's bad I could barely understand him but he is alert. He had another stroke, he has right sided weakness, he has fluid on his lung with throat bleeding. He has a nasogastric tube for feeding. The doctor was there so we had a chat and he inserted some fluid into his left arm. Looks like a very long road ahead.

I should be nicer to my dad he didn't hear anything that's why he took me along. I wish I had money I'd get him hearing aids within a week if I did.
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My dad's b'day is tomorrow so today we are having a lunch to celebrate at the house. His old church friends he has known since he was 20 are coming. They haven't seen each other in years but they do these catch ups every so often. They all have kids and brag about what they are doing and how many grandchildren they have blah blah blah.

I hate when they ask me questions because I'm such a failure. I honestly have nothing to brag about. My parents don't ever mention me to their friends either. I usually redirect the question back on to them and then end the conversation by talking to someone else or going to the bathroom.

I bet 1 million dollars that someone asks "So Amy are you dating anyone?" "When are you going to have children?" "What do you work as?" on and on these questions go. Then my mum will make some snotty condescending remark as a joke with a little laugh at the end about me.

I don't think I can handle it today.


Oct. 16th, 2015 06:22 pm
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My neice is being bullied severly by a girl that nobody likes because she is a psycho. Yet only one friend stepped in to help Liv.  She is turning 11 next month.  It's gotten to the point where my sister is saying that Liv should plant her feet and punch her in the nose then walk herself to the office and call her.  The school didn't even call her parents Liv had to tell them they are going to talk about it Tuesday. 

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So I have Mitchell's christening this weekend and I'm godmother. I haven't got him a gift yet but I'm going shopping tomorrow. Just going to get him a toy I'm sick of thinking about it and it's too much stress.

I'm also going shopping tomorrow for an outfit. I'm thinking a dress and heels and maybe some new makeup. I suck so much at a being a women getting dressed up has never felt good to me. I always feel totally naked and uncomfortable but there is going to be so many photos and I want to look good/girly. I just wish it felt good to get dressed up you know?
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Just got back from the hospital visiting my new nephew Mitchell James.  He is super adorable.  He looks like my brother.  He is so tiny and has black hair and brown eyes and cute little fingers and toes.

I sat with him and he looked right at me like hi who are you?  Adorable.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 07:46 am
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Yesterday was amazing.  It was fathers day so my brother had the great idea that we take the boat and go to Stradbroke Island for the day.  So we all piled in the car went to Jacobs Well and then piled in the boat to straddie.  Now our boat is tinnie it carries four people and my mum absolutely hates small boats and boats in general.  So me, mum, leigh and mark get in the boat for the first trip.  Everyone I guess had the same idea so there was a lot of water traffic and bigger boats make bigger waves my mum freaked out because it rocks the boat she was so scared of it flipping over lol she ended up on the floor of the boat at one stage my brother slowed right down.  I loved it !!! Seriously forget a house I want a boat it's so freeing and beautiful and fun to just rush over the water like that.

We go to the Island and my brother had to make 2 more trips to ferry my sisters family and gear across.  Once we got set up it was so wonderful.  Laying under shade right on the beach reading for little while.  Then I went walking there was Wallaby tracks all over the place so I decided I wanted to go to the other side of the Island and I found the Ranger trails and followed them in the middle of the Island it's all green spongy grass and flat that's where the Wallabies were.  I saw one:


Then I walked up a slope and came out on the other side of the Island it was freakin beautiful nobody was there at all.  This was my view:

north view     DSCF0213
Beach views Stradbroke Island

Went back to the other side to have lunch everyone was fishing.  Played with the kids.  Then we came home.  Best day that's is what life is supposed to be about.
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I'm worried about my niece and her reading ability.  She is 7 but she really hasn't learnt anything new all year she is still on 4 letter words and doesn't write in sentences.  I want to help her but I can't remember how I learnt to write and read except to sound everything out.  She does sound things out and is good at it.  She doesn't write new words though it's same things over and over it's almost like she is scared to get it wrong.

I remember when I was young and one of my friends gave me a locked diary for my 7th b'day and I wrote in that thing everyday my spelling sucked and I got things really wrong but that didn't stop me.  I still have that book and you can see how I improved over the years.  

I remember having a dictionary in grade 2 that if I wanted to know some word I would look it up.  I always understood how to read though and my brother helped me more than my parents.

I think maybe if she reads to me and I marked down words she didn't know I could give her a list to learn and then ask her to write those words in a sentence.  

She can pick things up very quickly so I'm not concerned that it's a learning disability once she understands something there isn't any confusion.  She just seems afraid to get it wrong and gives up.  
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My cousin got divorced this year after 2 years of marriage and 6 year relationship.  Her ex-husband was older than her actual father and I admit the age difference creeped me out but we got to know him and he was nice basically spoiled her rotten.  I knew the relationship wouldn't work out because when I said 'so your engaged?' her reply was "yeah I just really want to get married and settle down" not that she loved Mark it sounded as if it had nothing to do with Mark.  It was a way to get away from her family a new start with someone to look after her.  I get that.

She announced in March that she wanted a divorce out of the blue she didn't love him anymore she moved out into her friends apartment and hooked up with her friends brother who is a doctor.  Now they are madly in love according to her facebook status.  Which brings me to my reason for this post her ex-husband Mark has friend requested me on Facebook and I'm not going to friend him back I want nothing to do with their relationship post divorce.  She obviously blocked him and now he is trying to get any way into her life.  He still loves her and is broken hearted my mum keeps in contact which isn't good.  I can see a fight at Christmas about this.  Anyway she has been a complete Bitch to him post divorce she had the whole of gold coast to go frolick with her Boyfriend and they chose to go to her ex-husbands place on the beach front to make out.  

She is 23 this relationship she is in will not last either she has become one of those girls who can't be alone.  Her facebook status and photos are pissing me off.  It's like she is a whole different person.  They are coming Christmas and I don't think I will be sober that day.  

It not just her relationship it's the way she talks to me it's just bitchy.  She has a superiority complex and I swear if she say anything to me this Christmas to try and bring me down I'm going to rip her a new one.  I've had it with her.


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