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Is it just me or has fanfiction been in downward spiral the last 2 years?  I don't know what's happened but in a lot of my fandoms I just can't find anything of substance to read.

Supernatural fanfic in particular is just so cringeworthy.  I know a lot of writers are younger now or newer but the stuff they write is just bad.  On AO3 I'm convinced there was deliberate movement to write bad fic with mutiple accounts and then a campaign to give kudos to these bad fics so that when you search highest kudos they are the ones to come up.  I've had to start searching by oldest to newest via date for the good fic.

There is also a movement in all fandoms to have really graphic storylines,  or violent abuse and I'm just like why would you write that and why would I want to read that.  There is a lot of fic that takes a character and just destroys them in horrific ways that totally out of character and badly written.  It almost makes it seem like the writer hates the character/show/book and is enjoying destroying what others love.

I often wonder if it's because people moved away from journals and on to places where it's much harder to give feedback. 
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I just discovered this genre and it is fantastic. If anyone knows of some more please link me. What's not to love Jared trying to set up a tent. Jensen trying to cook on the bbq. Bears and wild animals invading the camp-space. Mosquitos pissing them off. Tent sex. Rainy weather. One of them going crazy taking pictures of everything. OMG I hope someone now writes this because that's how this fandom usually works for me I think about until the point of obsession for like a week and then 2 weeks later I find it. SPN fandom is magical.
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Okay so I haven't read fanfiction in a while but I need to know if people are leaving fandom and deleting their fanfic work.  I recently clicked on a story in my delicious to find that the LJ had been deleted and made me really sad/angry.  If people have left fandom but still have their writing up then good and if they are saying they are going to delete it I would love if you could leave me a comment directing me to their work.

I needs a heads up on these types of things.  There is so much good stuff out there in this fandom and it so huge that I'm sure I missed stuff but I would really like to save it before it is all gone for good.



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