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They were insanely awesome!  I got there just before twin atlantic went on and was next to the sound cage so I had a good view although it was annoying having people trying to get in and out of the bottom section push past you all night.

That was the best FOB concert I've seen for their performance they were all on point.  Andy is such an amazing drummer I really admire him.  Patrick  sounded so amazing I mean he always does but his voice has gotten so strong and his onstage confidence is really awesome to see.  Pete and Joe too were on point.  As a band they seemed so much happier then I've seen them and showed in their performance.

They played a lot of songs I wanted to hear off the new album and some great old stuff like Grand theft Autumn which I loved.

Somebody shouted for them to play an old song and Patrick was so cute when he answered he was like I admit I have sung that song before and then he sung the chorus and everyone joined in it was fun.  I wish I could remember what it was I will later I am sure.

Anyway I had a fun night and no tall people stood in front of me :)

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So I brought the new album of Fall Out Boy yesterday off iTunes. I've been listening to it consistently and out of 5 I give 3. I'm so happy to hear Patrick singing again!! The lyrics are totally authentic FOB the music is different it takes some adjusting.

Young Volcanoes is my fave just because of the acoustic guitar and percussion and the laugh! Andy on back vocals is amazing. I love it because it is so different and Patrick is amazing when he sings and has range.

After reading all the articles I can see how this album is a more group effort thing like I can see where Joe and Patrick contributed. Where as in albums past I just hear Pete and Andy really.

Knowing that Butch Walker produced this I can hear where he would have had input it's in the attitude of the album. Also the sound of Patrick is altered it's not raw like previous albums it's filtered in some places which is a Butch Walker thing to do.

The only down part for me is the drums Andy is amazing I prefer raw percussion over electronic beats anyday. It's actually what will attract me to bands is the beat of the drums it's a huge weakness for me. So them going mainstream beats for this album is kinda sad for me.

Just One Yesterday made me happy just to hear Patrick with a female vocal I've always wanted that. The vocals on that song are lovely.

Rat a Tat featuring Courtney Love has a kinda very rock 80s sound to it but it's sort punk too.

Elton John on Save Rock and Roll is pretty cool I can just see Patrick geeking out with Elton lol They sound good together. Very Anthemic.

So even if this album is different it's making me feel very grateful for this different sound the songs are catchy, the vocals are incredible, the lyrics are happier but totally FOB and there is a lot of different instrumentation on this album. Basically they grew as individuals and brought it together on this album.

I can't wait to hear the songs live. God I really missed them!!
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I cannot stop smiling or crying. Fall Out Boy are back. The amount of times I've played the new single is insane and I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost me to do Melbourne and Sydney shows. I really want to go. I figure if I work for the next 3 weeks full time I can do it.

The album was produced by Butch Walker. So excited to hear it.

I knew Pete was tweeting random lyrics. I can't wait.
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The Concert last night was awesome!  I really enjoyed All american Rejects I had never seen them live before so I had a blast!  They are amazing live.   They played: Gives you hell, Mona lisa, Real World, Swing Swing, Dirty little secret, I wanna, Move along and 2 other songs I can't remember.  I hope they come back for their own show cause that half hour was not long enough.

I was second row by the left stage stairs but I ended up first row cause the girls infront of me left during fob.  Fob came out and I swear they get better everytime I see them.  Patrick voice is freakin amazing I can't get over how strong it is and how long he can hold notes for and how high he can go.  He looked so good last night I loved seeing him strutt his stuff on the guitar it was really hot.  I actually understood what Pete was saying last night in previous concerts I've gone to I only understood every 3rd word.  He was so close last night I could have reached out and touched his guitar.  I really loved the drum thing they did last night on I think it was disloyal order of water buffaloes that was fun.  Joe is a lot of fun to watch he has so much energy on stage.  Andy as always was epic on the drums.

They played a lot of old rather then new stuff which iscool but I would love to hear more folie a duex songs. 
Setlist in no particular oder:
Disloy order of water Buffaloes
Headfirst slide into cooperstown
I don't care
Beat it
I'm like a lawyer with way I'm always trying to get you off
This ain't a scene it's an arms race
Thnks for the Mmrs
The take over, the breaks over
Nobody puts baby in the corner
A little less sixteen candles a little more touch me
I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song
Sugar we're going down
Grenade Jumper
Grand theft autumn

As Patrick was singing Saturday and Pete was getting ready to go into the audience he somehow pulled Patricks head back or something I just remember Patrick giving Pete this look but he didn't falter playing or singing I was impressed.
Today I'm little sore but it's totally worth it.  I hope they come back soon they are probably on plane to sydney now. 
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I go away for a couple of hours and all hell breaks loose in FOB land.  The part about Patrick quitting I don't really believe I think they got into a fight maybe cause if you go back and read one of Petes blog entries while he was on tour in Australia he mentions it being one of the worst days of his life.

I wish Patrick had more self-esteem he is awesome and talented.  I hate the people who made him feel that way.




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