Jun. 10th, 2013 10:40 am
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I have so much respect for people who do graphics it's really fucking hard but addictive. These are some of what I've made. I've just become obsessed with brushes and textures.

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Mar. 28th, 2012 07:47 pm
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Been busy catching up on tv shows I'm all up to date on Fringe.  Cannot get enough.  While I love Olivia/Peter I wouldn't mind Olivia/Lincoln.  I love Lincoln so much especially the alt-Lee he is fantastic I want those 2 to get together.

I finally found a website to replace megaupload and it has all my TV shows so yay.  

Brought Pretty Little Liars DVD and I love it but it frustrates me too.  I spent the whole of last weekend just watching PLL Season 1 & 2.  It bothers me how stupid the girls are I mean they are being watched at all times and they aren't looking for recording devices or bugs it's the first thing I would do.  I really think A is Melissa. It's someone in Spencer's family.  The Jenna storyline is interesting and I want to find out more.  Also think Noels older brother has something to do with A because of the Halloween party flashback.

I think Spencer/Toby is my new OTP they are perfect and cute and remind me of Pacey/Joey.  I don't ever want them to break up ever.  
I love the style and music on this show.

Brought the new AAR album it's fantastic.  Hanson are in the Philippines and rumour is they will tour Australia but I need a big warning and time because I hate when Artist say they will tour next month I need more time. 


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