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After being sick I realized I hadn't drank any for 2 weeks and decided now that the craving was gone I would stop drinking it. It's amazing how great I feel. I can sleep at night. I lost that heavy bloated feeling that I thought was just me but no apparently that was coffee/milk. My skin looks so radiant it's amazing!! I have energy all day long it dips but it's not so dramatic as it was when I was drinking 5 cups of coffee a day. My emotions are more stable.

I now only drink tea I've become an obnoxious tea drinker chai, vanilla, peppermint, green, peach, orange cinnamon and I've got plans to buy so much more! There are so many flavours and pretty teapots, teacups and mugs. I can't wait to for it to get really hot so I can make ice tea I have so many I want to try.

Best decision I've made all year seriously.
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I've been having excruciating pain in my abdomen mostly on my sides down to my groin.  It's not my appendix I know that for sure.  I got it last month too but on the opposite side.  I think it's my kidneys. Or my ovaries.  They are the only 2 organs that low on both sides.

I've got a female doctor who is nice and I can talk to but I just hate feeling that exposed.

I've been drinking nothing but water for 2 days and I'm pretty sure I went through a packet of pain killers.  I won't take any today because I know they will want to poke and find the pain.

My appetite is ok I just have not a clue what the hell it could be it came out of nowhere.  I was laying my side and at 1:10am I rolled over the pain hit so hard I ran to the toilet but nothing happened so I went to the kitchen got aspirin thinking it would be faster took some had some water and stayed standing for about 30 minutes till the pain went away then I layed down and cried myself to sleep.

I don't ever want this type of pain again whatever it takes I'll do it.

I just hope it's nothing needing surgery. 
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I lost 2kgs this week but my goal of quitting coffee did not suceed I caved yesterday and had a cup after I relised 2 cups or so per week is healthier than going cold turkey so to speak. Plus it makes me happy. When I didn't have the coffee I felt like I was missing out and if you ever cut something out of your diet you shouldn't feel like that.

This week my goal is to lose another 2kgs and stick to the fresh food I've been eating. Having 3 peices of fruit and 3 serves of vegies a day. Drink 1.5L of water per day. Only having Bread 3 times a week.


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