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I just got a phone call offering me the job I wanted at $24/h and I accepted.  I start next tuesday.  I have to go buy some shirts because they haven't as yet got a uniform but that is ok I got paid long service leave from my old job so that's something! 

I have to call the other place I accepted work and tell them I can no longer work there.  I hate having to do that but I'll be much happier at this new place.  He is offering me part time work of 30hrs.  Now I just have to put up with parents worried about their sick kids.
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I went to get the uniform fitting and it was very rushed.  I got a top that is loose and button down but the pants weren't there in my size so I chose another pair that were cargo like with pockets.  The materiel in both were horrible especially with cleaning.  I prefer cotton not polyester it's going to be really hot wearing it but hopefully since I only do 5 hrs not too horrible.

I got an email saying she is giving me 30hrs/fortnight to start with which I said was ok but hopefully I can at least get 20 hrs a week which will push my pay up to $600 a fortnight. 

I am going to drive every chance I get and pass my test so I can get another job.  This is my only goal for the rest of the year.

I'm still going to get government backpay from when I left my other job and hopefully still sell stuff on gumtree.  I can't do ebay anymore the fees are killing me and paypal holding my money for 21 days because of money laundering schemes is just ridiculous plus there fee's are absurd.

Some one really needs to come up with an alternative to paypal. 
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I failed my interview that I went to today so hard that I wanted to puch myself in the head.  He through me a question about what would be better than working at where I previously works why is the grass greener and I stumbled so hard to say something and I said the complete wrong thing. 

I'm feel like I'm never going to get another job and it's been a week god damn I hate this.
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 I'm having a garage sale tomorrow to get some money I seriously take $50 right now as bliss.  I've got so much stuff for sale on ebay gumtree and facebook it's not funny.  I didn't hear back from regis so I must have been too unfit to work there.  I still have the interview Monday which I hope I get and they just tell me that day.  If not Tuesday first thing I will be signing up for government unemployment. 
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The interview went very well.  It's a huge pay cut I'm currently on just over $27 p/h and now this job is just over $19  p/h so I'd make about $80  a day which isn't much.  The difference in pay would be $200 a week. 

The commute takes an hour and a 45 minutes to get from my home to there.  If I got the job I would have move closer within 4 weeks because it will drive me mad if I don't. 

The job seems nice though I would get assigned an area and do it everyday. So stability would be good they have weekend penalty rates which is awesome.  I might work every second weekend just get to get a bit more money.  I would get so fit with all the walking. 

I have to go to a fitness test tomorrow afternoon in the city.  In the last 2 months I've let myself go I'm so unfit and fat it's horrible.  That is what stress does to me though. 
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This one is next Monday and I actually really want it as it's got a direct travel route and would pay more.  However I'm still going to try my best tomorrow.  A job would be such a blessing instead of going on unemployment.  I didn't get the references I wanted I'm not sure what to do about that honestly. 

I'm so overweight right now that the clothes for interviews are not impressive at all.  Plus I don't have any money to buy anything nice. 


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