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So happy I switched from vodafone to optus.  For the same price I was paying I now get 12 GB of data uliminted txt and calls where as on vodafone I have unlimited txt and call but only 500mb of data which sucked so much!!!!!!

House sitting next week so I will be doing late shift at work. 
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Don't feel like going to work tomorrow it's still raining I think I've finally gotten use to that now. I feel like blowing off work and going to the movies. I still haven't seen Harry Potter and it's not gonna be on for much longer.

I hope work has fixed my schedule one of my co-ordinators rang 7:15am Saturday saying I was late for a 7am shift I rang her back to tell her that I didn't have a shift on Sat but on Monday 7am and she was like "Oh they wrote you on the wrong day" I hope she then went to fix it and put down for monday because if I turn up there tomorrow and they say I'm not down to work I swear I will just turn around and walk out. They need to get their shit together.

I really hate being broke. I wanna be a billionaire for real pitty I have nothing to sell. All the furniture stores are having big sales right now everything is so cheap and I could buy everything I need to move out but by the time I get this money the sales will be over. I really want to move out in the next 3 months. I just need to get my shit together. I'm gonna send resumes out to gyms see if they have any rooms to rent out for one day of the week and do nutrition consultations. Sometimes you just gotta do it make a move. The only problem is that people going to the gym aren't generally the kind of people I want to help they are the ones already motivated enough to help themselves. Every time I have set foot into a gym all I have seen is fit healthy people not one single overweight person.


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