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This band is playing their last ever Australian Show tonight and I'm going!!

This was the 1st band that really put into words my anxiety and self doubt and explored sadder emotions. Their lyrics are amazing and honest. I'm so sad they are breaking up but I'm happy they are playing Brisbane.
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Brought a cheap lumia 435 phone to use as an alternative to an ipod and I love it so much!! I put a 128gb memory card in there and it holds all my music no problem no lagging the sound is wonderful. It's so easy to edit. The battery life is pretty amazing too. I can bluetooth to my sony speakers effortlessly and I put spotify on there too.

I never have to deal with itunes ever again!!!!!!
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Hanson are writing with Andrew McMahon. I need to hear this song I need it badly.
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So I've come to the realisation that I spend $100 - $200 a month on music. I buy music from google, xbox, and iTunes. I only really buy specials I'll buy like 10-15 albums.

I'm really trying to stop but music is the only really awesome thing in my life. I can download from sites for free but that cab be so time consuming and dodgy. Plus record companies have shut down most of those links.

I guess I use to listen to the radio a lot but I really hate todays radio playlists and DJs.

I have no willpower.


Apr. 1st, 2014 02:01 pm
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I watched the 30 seconds to Mars Documentary Artifact today.  It's about how record companies screw over artist and that is their business model.  They make no apologies for it.  So 30 seconds to Mars were sued by their own label for $30 million for breach of contract and 30stm fought back saying there was no breach under california law.

Anyway after 200 days of a lawsuit with the label Jared Leto and managers send them terms and conditions to re-sign with the label and get out of the lawsuit.  Eventually the label caves and they resign.

Jared and the band got what they wanted sort of they haven't been paid for any of their album sales.  They are basically slaves to this label and the label knows it.  I get why they stayed with the label because they didn't want to do it themselves and were scared of another label being worse.  It sucks that is how the music business is actually run.  I can't even imagine what some other huge artist goes through they don't even have anything to do with the music.

I'm so proud of Hanson for going independent.  I know they work really hard and I'm proud they are the type to say screw you I'll do it my way no matter the consequences.  That's fucking brave.

Speaking of hanson tickets go on sale next week.  They are playing the tivoli I'll get a ticket to that but not any other shows.  I don't have any money.
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I went to the concert last night. It was at riverstage in the city.  I got there as white lies were on the their set. Thankfully it only took 15 minutes to set the stage and then 30stm came out and it was wonderful.

At first Jared was a bit perplexed about why the audience was so quiet but honestly I think everyone just wanted to hear him sing more than sing along with him.  He did an acoustic set where it was him on a stool with a guitar and for like 20 minutes he sat and talked and played songs and that got audience in the mood for a sing along.  He is pretty funny and very much a front man.  Dude belongs on the stage.

Tommo and Shannon were brilliant too.  They seem like a very tight nit band.

They played:
Night of the Hunter
Search and Destroy
This Is War
(Chant Intro)
Kings and Queens
Do or Die
(Ext. Intro; Acapella Outro)
City of Angels
(Sing-a-long Intro)
End of All Days

From Yesterday
The Kill (Bury Me)
Closer to the Edge
(Ext. Intro + Chant Intro; Ext. Outro)

Bright Lights
Up in the Air

All up it was fantastic.  My fave part was the acoustic and conquistador, and the encore.  Definetly going to see them again.  Jared said that they could come back and do The church of Mars which is awesome and I'll go if they do.

Twin Forks

Sep. 16th, 2013 02:35 pm
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Honestly I was wishing this morning that they would announce a tour here because I was listening to Dashboard Confessional and then City and Colour tweet that they are coming on tour to Australia with them and I freaked out.  I screamed really loud and then proceeded to buy tickets.

I don't really love Colour and the City but to hear Chris Carrabba sing I'd do anything.  I'm so excited.

Music day

Aug. 30th, 2013 03:04 pm
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I spent the day buying new music.  I finally brought Amanda Palmer she is touring next month.

I suffer mornings most of all
I feel so powerless and small
By ten o'clock I'm back in bed
Fighting the jury in my head
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I'm listening to Hanson's new album Anthem I didn't listen to any clips previous this I held out. I'm half way through while listening to this and honestly I am disappointed I love all their albums previously but this one just seems lost or confused or something.

I think it's the music there is nothing that really stands out I thought with a title like Anthem they would emphasise particular sounds big drums or guitar heavy or something. I thought there would be a big chorus but it's like they threw everything together and it ends up a mesh of sound that is dated.

I like I've got soul.

Why do they give Isaac the ballard this guy can fully rock! He should have a song he can belt out his voice is solid.

Ok the album just ended and I feel like maybe they should get an outside source to produce them next time. It is just lacking any type of Anthem musically or lyrically at all.

Out of 5 I give 2 :(

Edit:I am an idiot.  This album is fantastic it took a while to grow on me but I really love it. Only 2 songs that I don't like on there.


Jun. 8th, 2013 08:24 pm
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Ok so it's June and I am looking forward some great music coming out. I already bought The Maine Forever Halloween and Jimmy Eat World Damages. The Maine album sucks it's disjointed and the lyrics are lacking. Jimmy Eat World Damages album is fantastic I know a lot of people didn't love their last album but this is classic Jimmy Eat World.

Hanson should release their album which is already hopefully in the mail to me. Pre-Orders are suppose to be able to download a song a week or something in the lead up to release but I can't find links on hnet so I will have to wait.

Andrew McMahon released an EP a few weeks ago called the pop underground it's great I wish he would release a whole album.

Twin Forks also have an EP out which is Chris Carrabba's new band and I love it cause it's fun and also has a female vocalist. I wish they would come to Australia.

30 Seconds to Mars new album is also one I can't stop playing it took me a day to really get into it but I love them and missed them so much. I am going to their concert when they come later in the year.

Albums I am looking forward to:

Kate Voegele
Matt Wertz
Ingrid Michaelson
Sara Bareilles
The Summer Set
Wakey! Wakey!
Nine Inch Nails
Backstreet Boys


May. 2nd, 2013 07:29 pm
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Went to the concert last night. 2nd row had a blast. I think Aerosmith was my first true musical choice that wasn't influenced by anyone. I've like them since I was 10/11 yrs old and I always wanted to see them live. They may be old but my god they still have it! I was so impressed the drummer looked he could be my grandfather or something but he did an epic Drum solo. Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had awesome chemistry onstage in fact the whole band got along great. I know that Joe and Steven really have no interest in each other outside of the band but you couldn't tell that on stage.

Steven Tyler hit all the notes and sang all my fave songs. I still can't get over it. They closed with Sweet Emotion which is my favourite song.



Absolute dream come true.
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So I brought the new album of Fall Out Boy yesterday off iTunes. I've been listening to it consistently and out of 5 I give 3. I'm so happy to hear Patrick singing again!! The lyrics are totally authentic FOB the music is different it takes some adjusting.

Young Volcanoes is my fave just because of the acoustic guitar and percussion and the laugh! Andy on back vocals is amazing. I love it because it is so different and Patrick is amazing when he sings and has range.

After reading all the articles I can see how this album is a more group effort thing like I can see where Joe and Patrick contributed. Where as in albums past I just hear Pete and Andy really.

Knowing that Butch Walker produced this I can hear where he would have had input it's in the attitude of the album. Also the sound of Patrick is altered it's not raw like previous albums it's filtered in some places which is a Butch Walker thing to do.

The only down part for me is the drums Andy is amazing I prefer raw percussion over electronic beats anyday. It's actually what will attract me to bands is the beat of the drums it's a huge weakness for me. So them going mainstream beats for this album is kinda sad for me.

Just One Yesterday made me happy just to hear Patrick with a female vocal I've always wanted that. The vocals on that song are lovely.

Rat a Tat featuring Courtney Love has a kinda very rock 80s sound to it but it's sort punk too.

Elton John on Save Rock and Roll is pretty cool I can just see Patrick geeking out with Elton lol They sound good together. Very Anthemic.

So even if this album is different it's making me feel very grateful for this different sound the songs are catchy, the vocals are incredible, the lyrics are happier but totally FOB and there is a lot of different instrumentation on this album. Basically they grew as individuals and brought it together on this album.

I can't wait to hear the songs live. God I really missed them!!
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I cannot stop smiling or crying. Fall Out Boy are back. The amount of times I've played the new single is insane and I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost me to do Melbourne and Sydney shows. I really want to go. I figure if I work for the next 3 weeks full time I can do it.

The album was produced by Butch Walker. So excited to hear it.

I knew Pete was tweeting random lyrics. I can't wait.


Oct. 24th, 2012 09:16 am
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Taylor Swift's new album is great but it makes me depressed.  She is a great lyricist though.

I'm completely obsessed with Maxwell & Williams homewares and that is all I want for Christmas especially the Sparkle range of goods.  

Still trying to figure out PSP.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 10:21 pm
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Melbourne was great.  The concert was unbelievable.  Hands down best concert I'll ever go to in my life I reckon.  If Chris Carrabba comes back on Dashboard confessional tour I'll go to every single concert it's on my list of things to do. Chris kept giggling cause we were so loud he had to turn up his in-ears and kept swearing saying fuck you sound so good.  I just love him.

 Relient K, Jacks Mannequin did awesome set lists.  

Dashboard Confessional set list.

Personal highlights were Be my escape, Therapy, Sahara, Swim, Holiday from Real,  MFEO/You can breathe, Belle of the Boulevard, Again I go Unnoticed, Dusk and Summer, Get me Right, As Lovers Go, Hands Down, Vindicated.

For the Encore all the bands came out and performed Straight lines by Silverchair, El Scorcho by Weezer and then Vindicated.

I got video of Hands Down and El Scorcho.  If you want to watch it go to my photobucket Melbourne album here.

Melbourne Review by nova
Good article.


Jan. 19th, 2012 08:42 pm
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one of my fave musicians just thanked me on twitter for music suggestions to exercise to.  It made my whole day I love her.  I have to admit when they tweet back it is awesome.  

I booked a hotel for the Melbourne concert it's right down the road from the venue so that is awesome now I just have to get flights I get paid next week so hopefully then.  


Dec. 24th, 2011 05:37 pm
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I see the ghosts on the sidewalk, they're passing by
Everyone's wearing blinders, identical minds
Am I the only one who doesn't want to fall into line?
Am I?

I'll be pushing on when everyone turns around
Be going upstream when everyone's going down
In the center of the storm, but I still stand my ground
You can't change me 'cause

I don't wanna be like you
I don't wanna live by your rules
I don't wanna try to fit in
To be typical
I'm just gonna be who I am
I just wanna live in a world
In a world where unusual is beautiful
Unusual is beautiful

I see them move in the shadows
Just wanna blend in
Always changing their colors like chameleons
Isn't anybody comfortable in their own skin?

I'll be pushing on when everyone turns around
Be going upstream when everyone's going down
In the center of the storm, but I still stand my ground
You can't change me 'cause


'Cause I will find my way
And it won't be the same as yours
My voice will be heard
These are not just words
It's all I'm fighting for
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I can't go to the MCR show it's in Eatons hill wtf?  It's so out of the way. I love MCR they are amazing live and it would be incredible to see them in such a small space but I just can't I have other priorities right now.
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But I'm stuck in this fucking rut
Waiting on a second-hand pick-me-up
And I'm over getting older
If I could just find the time
Then I would never let another day go by
I'm over getting old
Maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction to everything I fear
'Cause I've been going crazy, I don't wanna waste another minute here
Make believe that I impress
That every word, by design, turns a head
I wanna feel reckless, wanna live it up just because
I wanna feel weightless 'cause that would be enough


Sep. 30th, 2011 08:57 pm
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So supply guy at work and I have so many things in common and we are chatting more and I just really like him. I just want to be friends with him and know him outside of work. It's been so long since I had a good guy friend.

In other news I've have been downloading every single live track of panic! at the disco I can find. Also All time low and Pearl Jam. It's kinda ridiculous cause now I have like 5 versions of each song but I'm obsessed with finding any live track of any band I like. I discovered that most people on iTunes have live iTunes sessions EPs which is blowing my mind and costing me lots of money. I think I might need to go to iTunes Anon I'm an addict and I can't stop.

18 more days till Soul Punk from Patrick Stump. I'm gonna have to pre-order that and I swear iTunes Australia better have it available the same day America gets it and not any later I will throw a hissy fit.


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