Nov. 11th, 2016 05:01 pm
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I have to get this out. Everyone was so shocked by the election people can't understand how much hate other people have and I'm like where the fuck have you been?

When leslie jones got attacked on twitter there were over 700k tweets and most people thought those were bots or something but not me. Those people were real I went to their profiles and each one of them had link in their bio that led to some obscure website that spewed utter vile rubbish and I spent over 2 hours going through countless websites and profiles and it wasn't just men it was women. It actually gave me an anxiety attack because it was never ending the stuff on there should have been illegal it was that bad. I actually went the FBI website to see if I could report them and guess what? Nope the FBI don't give a shit. ASIO did care but could only act if was in Australia. So many websites out there and no one gives a shit. They should be monitored.

I wasn't at shocked by the election result at all saddened yes angered yes but not shocked. If you haven't been paying attention in the last year these people utterly believe what they are saying is fact it's not about belief to them.

I don't know how you would even go about changing them to more kind acceptable people they don't care about that at all.

I hope the USA gives Donald Trump hell. I hope all his hair falls out, he looses weight, and has a mental breakdown. And all that tanning he is doing can't be good for his health. I hope he fails so absolute that he will be too ashamed/embarrassed to talk about his opinions again ever.
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My rant )
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I ordered a new phone from a website that is all Australian it said nothing about overseas ordering at all. It said it would take 3 days from ordering to get to me.

I'm furious I just tracked it and it's on a plane from Hong Kong it's not going to get to me today like I thought it would it probably won't even get here tomorrow.

I'm going to give them bad feedback because no where on the site did it say product was not from Australia.
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I'm meeting my mothers half brother tonight and my mum sees what I'm wearing and automatically wants me to change I felt like leaving.  Ever since I gained weight she has no problem pointing out how gross I look.  It fucking pisses me off!

95% of time I could give a fuck about what people think about me.  I really don't care but my own mother feels entitled to point out all my flaws as she is getting older she is so scared about being a wrinkled,  gray hair old women that she is constantly pointing out how bad/old/fat other people she knows are.  I'm the least narcissistic person ever and it's one of the traits I'm so glad I don't have seeing how my mother acts.  It's disgusting.
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I've had it with this fandom who persist in vocally annoying writers, producers, directors and actors of Supernatural because it isn't Destiel.  Fuck Destiel!

The show is about human struggle against evil.  That's it.  Not shipping.

It took me a really long time to accept Castiel as a character and his reason for being there but I did and now he is human I actually like it. But now this fandom is saying now he can be with Dean.  Like him and Dean gonna hook up and make out on screen.  Reality check no Dean isn't going to have a realationship with Cas why because that isn't the show Sam and Dean don't get to have relationships.  It's the sacrifice they make let's be realistic the writers aren't going to do it.  Jensen would be against it ok.  He has say over Dean and his actions.  Keep it in fan-fiction alright.

If you boycott the next episode because Cas kisses a girl you aren't a fan. You aren't SPNFamily.

Stop bugging the crew and cast.  Keep it in the walls of fandom.
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So happy Supernatural and SPNFamily won Peopleschoice awards would have amazing if Jensen or Jared won too but Nathan has bigger fan base but we gave it our best shot. I actually don't mind Nathan fillion at all he's conceited but funny.

It's just I was reading post award blogs and the comments got me really mad. Some people saying that CW actors are horrible and a joke. I think TV actors are amazing they are the ones that have steady jobs and work their butts off day in day out. Most of the shows I like are sci-fi and I'm sick of people looking down on this genre as a joke. They have to act using greenscreens and imagination more than anyone else. They do action, drama, comedy, horror all on one show. They have extensive scripts with really difficult language.

I think they deserve some credit for the range they do. I remember being blown away Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy because of all genres she could do and make me believe it. It was never out of character.

These people on the CW and Sci-fi channels are more than just pretty faces they work hard. They do a range of work. Just because it involves fantasy makes them in no way a less talented than drama actors if anything it makes them more talented and watch-able.

Fee Rant

Jul. 13th, 2012 06:34 pm
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Has the world gone mad?  Lately I've noticed people can charge fees for anything and for some reason they are getting away with it!  

I learned that if you want to go cash in change from a money box at the bank you get charged a ridiculous fee because someone is serving you?!  Hello that is your fucking job!!! You are customer service I already pay an account fee every month that this covers you greedy bastards.

Now I find out that the phone companies are charging in advance if you are on a contract because hey you have pay it anyway if you are on a contract!  WTF!!  I am not paying 2 months worth of Charges for one month.  How did this pass the public by?  Why didn't anyone stop it?

I am sick of Fees, late fees, customer service fees, usage fees, cancellation fees and any other thing they can think up next.  

People have gotten incredibly greedy. It's insane.
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Last year was a bad year for websites.  I still hate Delicious I used to go there everyday and now maybe once a month how could they fuck it up so badly?  You know what I hate the most about it?  It doesn't tell me if I've already saved something and the whole friend link thing was so much fun to browse and now it's a hassle.  I've never seen anyone take over a website and fuck it up so completely. 

I still find it hard to navigate Facebook and it use to be so easy.  Some of the changes LiveJournal have made aren't impressing me either.  I hope this year someone gets what there customers want.
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I'm so pissed.  How dare companies become so fucking greedy I hope Anonymous get those fuckers bank account and drain them and give the proceeds to red cross.  This year is going to be interesting that's for sure.  I'm so sick of rich people/companies they still make huge profits each year fuck each day and they have the gall to complain that's it not enough.  I'm so furious I don't the words.


Oct. 24th, 2010 10:58 am
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I hate that my hair takes so long to grow I'm trying to grow the colour out it's brown and not too different from my natural colour so I don't look weird or anything but I just want to cut it all off.  I tried looking at short curly hair styles and most of them aren't natural they pretty much use a curler or look really bad.  I'm sick of giving money to hairdressers and loreal.  I just want it all natural. 

Merlin is on today and I love my new icon.  I can't wait to watch the episode.  TVD and Merlin are my fave shows at the moment.
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I hate Brad Wright I can't believe I spent all that money on stargate and he turns out to be such an asshole.
I can't believe he is just going to stop a well running program like SGA and make a new one full of really young people.  I don't want to watch a show where there aren't experts and people who have loads to experience the whole reason I started watching stargate was Richard Dean Anderson.  I thought him as a soilder cool! History is what makes most charcters its what makes them interesting.  I don't want to watch a show about a bunch of 20 somethings fumbling around in a galaxy going "oh shit what do we do now"  that's not interesting to me.  Plus part of the reason I love stargate is that its not based on romantic relationships yes the characters have some relationships but it's not plot material.  Its hard to find a show/book that doesn't contain love I'm sick of watching shows where someone is pining after someone else.  It's the reason I why I love action and martial arts movies they usually are about revenge anger and let's beat the shit out of the enenmy before they get us.  I love that good guys vs bad guys type plots its easy and fun to watch.


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