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I spent yesterday literally shopping online all day long.  I found some great bargains.  I brought internet security at half price from jbhifi and some dvds 30% off.  I brought a shit ton of perfume for every women I know bottles that usually cost over $90 yesterday were under $40 it was crazy!!  Check out chemist warehouse too they have some great discounts.  

Westfield and myhaircare.com.au had some really awesome discounts as well.

It's still going today but if you don't have proper internet security I wouldn't bother mine got triggered 2 times yesterday trying to access my credit card info.  
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Went shopping this morning.  I brought some actual cd's haven't done that for a while JB-hi-fi was having a buy 2 get one free so I brought some muse, jimmy eat world and sheryl crow best of.  I reckon cd's will be a thing of the past in another 2-3 yrs.  iTunes killed them.  I also brought Fringe season 1 and HIMYM 5 so that should be fun to watch.

Brought some nice candles I love Dusk far too much.  I finally brought some probiotics so hopefully I can kick my sugar addiction that has gotten to be ridiculous hopefully it will get rid of my cravings and things can go back to normal.  A tip for anyone on probiotics best to take them straight before bed that way they will be more effective.


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