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I have been iffy about this season okay but now I'm completely on-board.  Go Team Winchester!!!!!!

I'm so excited about the rest of the season.  The episode was brilliant it finally told the truth of what happened in Purgatory and of course Dean had skewed it because he has big brother complex and everything is his responsibility and he blamed himself for Castiel when Castiel chose to stay for penance omg awesome.  I'm finally loving Castiel I hope the writers continue to write him like the Angel he is omg.   It always bugged me when they wrote him silly or insane Dude is an Angel with powers from heaven respect him.  That includes how Dean and Sam treat him.  He is not family.  He is an important part of Team Winchester.  When he took on Crowley I squealed I thought he got upgraded to an archangel or something because of the blue eyes I also thought maybe that was Metatron in Castiel's body.  I hope he stays powerful and I hope heaven continue to support the Winchesters.  

Sam and Dean are acting like brothers again and I'm loving it.  Sam is still a bit reluctant but hope that fades.  

Any episode with Mrs Tran is freaking awesome she is wonderful.  Kevin I like too he better stay on track.

It's finally happening the boys have a network of Allies they are going to take on the evil and they going to win!!!!!  Crowley stands no chance.  I'm so excited!!  I can't wait to see Charlie. Felicia couldn't talk about what the episode was about just that she loved being back.  She is so pretty and skinny in person.  

I'm so excited that Amanda Tapping is on SPN and they make her assistant to god or whatever she is.  At first I thought she was god which would be appropriate since she is amazing but she looks like an archangel or scribe or something for god.  

Also I hope the writing continues to clean up past loose ends like Leviathans and their herd factories maybe Garth and fellow hunters blew them up in the year we didn't get to see.  Still there are groups of sleeper cells of nasties in towns munching and changing humans and I need the writers to include that this season because loose ends bug the hell out of me.

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