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Omg such a fantastic day! I got there at about 12 and Michael Rosenbaum photo was at 12:15 so did that first was totally nervous and then I get to the front of the line and he turns to me as I walk over offers his hand for a shake and we introduced ourselves. He asks how I am I say good and we take the photo he puts his arm around me and I did same to him he was so nice and calm and big on eye contact. I say thanks he say no problem I leave and the photo turned out awesome.

My next photos aren't until 3pm so I walk around for a bit and go get Eliza Dushku autograph she was nice but I was totally starstruck told her I loved her in Dollhouse and she said it was such a fun show to do and then I couldn't really say anything else I got dry mouth but she signed my photos and I left and was actually shaking a little afterwards omg.

I went across the road to have lunch in the park it was a beautiful day. I came back at 2:50pm and lined up for photos with Eliza and after that a photo with Rose McGowan. Still totally starstruck with Eliza ugh but Rose was lovely. I look so big against them they are petite. The photos came out good.

After that it was about 3:45 and I walked around for a bit they have really awesome art down there I am always amazed I wanted to meet my fave author Tad Williams but every time I went there he wasn't available. I brought a token for Julie McNiven from SGA and SPN. She was available at 4pm so I lined up for a Michael Autograph and again he was lovely he shook my hand told me thanks for coming and also thanks for watching the show I told him I loved his commentaries on Smallville they make me laugh everytime. He was wearing a blue checkered shirt and jeans with glasses he looked hot.

I went to Julie last and got an autograph I could have had a conversation with her as I was the last person in line but I had to leave. She is nice and very pretty.

So that was my day I'm exhausted but happy.


Apr. 22nd, 2012 09:52 am
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So yesterday I went to Supanova on the gold coast.  It was massive!  I went with my sister and the kids.  We got there at about 10:30am and got their tickets the line for buying tickets was so much shorter I wish I had brought them there instead of pre-paid the line for pre-paid was ridiculous so we went to McDonalds across the road had something to eat and then went back and joined the line.  So many people cosplayed and went to extremes for their costumes it was amazing. There was heaps of Batman, full metal alchemist, pikachu, and soilders from various shows/movies.  The predator was impressive/scary the kids were freaked out at first lol. My sister got her pictures with storm troopers as usual.  There was a lot of Harry potter girls dressed in house clothing and one impressive girl dressed as xena who actually looked like Lucy lawless.

Anyway I got tickets for a photo with Summer Glau (my girl crush) and the Weasley Twins and autograpsh from Rainbow Franks and Jamie Alexander.  My picture with summer I look hideous she was so pretty and nice and my hair was all weird and I look big next to her but I'm still happy I got to see her she is amazing.  I then went and got my autograph with Rainbow with the kids and he actually had good conversation with me and the kids such a cool fella.  My sister was waiting for Peter Facinelli autograph and while I love him the line was insane so I didn't get anything with him.  My sister also got Autograph with the Weasly twins but she never made it to the front of the line it was too big and she got fed up.  I got my picture with them though and they are gorgeous and so freaking tall I mean like basketball tall ok I just came up to their shoulders but so happy my picture with them looks good.  

I didn't get my wheel of time book signed everytime I went to see Brandon he wasn't there and so we had to leave because my sister can't drive in the dark she broke her glasses and can't see anything in darkness.  I'm tempted to go down there today but honestly I'm tired because I 3hrs sleep because of stupid neighbors singing Maori songs all hours of the night/morning fucktards. 

I would have loved to get a photo with Edward James olmos but I didn't have the time hopefully he will come to the Brisbane one.  

The kids had a really great time Ethan got a gun holster and gun with laser sight and a target that lights up when hit he was super happy about that.  Livy didn't get anything she wants an iPod so she got $20 to put toward that.  

All together a great day.
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I just found out that Sydneys supanova this year has Faith and Cordelia from Buffy going it's in the next 2 weeks and I can't go I'm broke.  I'm so pissed off I said this year that they should have Faith for next years Brisbane expo and instead they have her at Sydney this year.  I'm so pissed off.


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