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This cast is so pretty! If you want any take them.
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May. 25th, 2015 02:29 pm
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So I finally met the Supernatural Cast it was so great they so much fun and so nice.

I was so nervous abut meeting Jensen but he was so sweet and beautiful.  He has anime eyes they sparkle I couldn't hold eye contact with him.  I went to do the photo and he pulled me into him by my shoulder and I put my hand on his shoulderblade and the photographer took the photo but I was smiling too big and my face sort of angled so I hate how I look next to him but I'm happy the photo happened.

The panel's were funny nothing too serious  Timothy and Osric were awesome.  Mark Sheppard was really lovely I love my photo with him and Odmunson.  Odmunson hugged me in the photo and I giggled.

I would love to go next year but the Hubb need to sort out the schedule. I reckon give VIPs a day and regular tickets a diffrent day.

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So I've been really sick with food posioning and the flu since Sunday.   I feel like utter crap but I just brought a day ticket to AHBL convention Sydney for Supernatural. I'M GOING TO MEET JENSEN ACKLES OMG!

They just annouced it today for may 24th which is really short notice for a convention but I just got a day ticket and they say you can buy Auto and photo tickets on the day.  The ultimate ticket was $2500 but I'm not really interested in spending that kind of money plus they sold out. My love for SPN has dimmed I just just want to meet J2 and get a photo.  They haven't said where they are holding the convention yet so I can't book a hotel yet.


Jun. 10th, 2013 10:40 am
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I have so much respect for people who do graphics it's really fucking hard but addictive. These are some of what I've made. I've just become obsessed with brushes and textures.

Total Icon Count: 15


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I'm not coherent enough to post about Supernatural except to say the episode completely blissed me out.
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So happy Supernatural and SPNFamily won Peopleschoice awards would have amazing if Jensen or Jared won too but Nathan has bigger fan base but we gave it our best shot. I actually don't mind Nathan fillion at all he's conceited but funny.

It's just I was reading post award blogs and the comments got me really mad. Some people saying that CW actors are horrible and a joke. I think TV actors are amazing they are the ones that have steady jobs and work their butts off day in day out. Most of the shows I like are sci-fi and I'm sick of people looking down on this genre as a joke. They have to act using greenscreens and imagination more than anyone else. They do action, drama, comedy, horror all on one show. They have extensive scripts with really difficult language.

I think they deserve some credit for the range they do. I remember being blown away Sarah Michelle Gellar on Buffy because of all genres she could do and make me believe it. It was never out of character.

These people on the CW and Sci-fi channels are more than just pretty faces they work hard. They do a range of work. Just because it involves fantasy makes them in no way a less talented than drama actors if anything it makes them more talented and watch-able.
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I have been iffy about this season okay but now I'm completely on-board.  Go Team Winchester!!!!!!

I'm so excited about the rest of the season.  The episode was brilliant it finally told the truth of what happened in Purgatory and of course Dean had skewed it because he has big brother complex and everything is his responsibility and he blamed himself for Castiel when Castiel chose to stay for penance omg awesome.  I'm finally loving Castiel I hope the writers continue to write him like the Angel he is omg.   It always bugged me when they wrote him silly or insane Dude is an Angel with powers from heaven respect him.  That includes how Dean and Sam treat him.  He is not family.  He is an important part of Team Winchester.  When he took on Crowley I squealed I thought he got upgraded to an archangel or something because of the blue eyes I also thought maybe that was Metatron in Castiel's body.  I hope he stays powerful and I hope heaven continue to support the Winchesters.  

Sam and Dean are acting like brothers again and I'm loving it.  Sam is still a bit reluctant but hope that fades.  

Any episode with Mrs Tran is freaking awesome she is wonderful.  Kevin I like too he better stay on track.

It's finally happening the boys have a network of Allies they are going to take on the evil and they going to win!!!!!  Crowley stands no chance.  I'm so excited!!  I can't wait to see Charlie. Felicia couldn't talk about what the episode was about just that she loved being back.  She is so pretty and skinny in person.  

I'm so excited that Amanda Tapping is on SPN and they make her assistant to god or whatever she is.  At first I thought she was god which would be appropriate since she is amazing but she looks like an archangel or scribe or something for god.  

Also I hope the writing continues to clean up past loose ends like Leviathans and their herd factories maybe Garth and fellow hunters blew them up in the year we didn't get to see.  Still there are groups of sleeper cells of nasties in towns munching and changing humans and I need the writers to include that this season because loose ends bug the hell out of me.

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I'm so happy that Supernatural won 2 PCAs I voted like crazy.  I didn't really get what the fuss was about so they weren't at the show we won! did it suck that we voted them for network drama and not even a mention yes because let's face it if TVD or Good wife won they would have televised that.  After thinking about it though I mean it's Supernatural we do all the work in this fandom and they know we love them and have their back it's always been the underdog and it always will be.  Jensen and Jared honestly out act everyone else on TV with John noble coming 3rd.  Will they every win Emmys?  No. It's just not the way the industry works.  

It's the same thing with most of the music on my iPod they will never even be nominated for any kind of music award or recognised for their talent and hard work except by fans.  It's just not they way industry works.  It's a shame.


Dec. 3rd, 2011 06:06 pm
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Death's Door spoilers  )

Vote Supernatural for best sci-fi/fantasy show and drama show for Peoples choice award


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Ok so I've been reading a lot of fic of SPN lately and one thing that is really getting to me is that the Impala is written wrong.  The Car has bench seats there is no gap between Sam and Dean it's one big seat.  The gear shift is not in the middle console like modern cars.  It's on the steering wheel where all gear shifts used to be.  The Car has a cream interior not black.  I mean the Impala is a character all in her own right, the boys spend a lot of time in her if you watch the show we get a good look inside of her.  The show is in the seventh season people need to get the details right.


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