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Yesterday was amazing. I saw system of a down eating lunch in the Myer center so weird.

Anyway Highlights were: Bush, Cobra Starship, Dashboard Confessional, Jacks Mannequin, The Cab.

Surprise highlight: Steel Panther I arrived early and didn't have anything to do so I went and saw them until it pissed down rain. Gonna get their albums.

Let downs: Switchfoot were absolute shit and half assed it. They played 4 songs cause they were late setting up. The Pretty Reckless weren't bad it's just I couldn't hear a thing Taylor was singing until the 3rd song the sound engineers had not clue and I think the venue made it sound worse. Sheep shed not really conducive to sound. Medina Lake loud does not equal better the sound was horrible and fucked with The Cabs set up process you should have seen the tech he was pissed. Versa Emerge truly horrible sound and I love Versa Emerge.

Honestly The Cab made my whole day it was magical and I fell in love with Alex and he actually saw me and tried to throw a set list to me cause I shouted to him but his throw swerved at the last moment and some other girl got it. He was outside hugging fans and taking pics but I had to go by then I was about to fall down honestly. I smelled so bad I had my sweat and other peoples sweat over me it was gross. It hurt to walk.

But overall an unforgettable day.

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They just posted the Brisbane one and I'm pretty happy with it. The only clashes I had were four year strong/Bush and Forever the sickest kids/Dashboard Confessional. In which Bush and Dashboard won easy. I had to sacrifice versa emerge for Angels vs Airwaves. Overall very excited I've created a playlist for SW12 and will be playing it a lot.

22 more days.


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