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My neice and I went last night and it was incredible.  They handed out armbands upon entry and they lit up during each song various colours it was awesome to see the whole stadium that way.  We were second row on side of stage so we had alright seats the ladies infront of us didn't stand so Liv got to see everything it was her first concert and she really enoyed it she danced her butt off and sang her out heart out.
Taylor has definetley improve her strength when singing I've see her before but last night she really belts out some notes.
She dedicated Mine to a girl named rachel who I found out had died in car crash this year but was a fan.

All up it was great night and I had an awesome time.


    Welcome to New York

    New Romantics

    Blank Space

    I Knew You Were Trouble (Remix)

    I Wish You Would

    How You Get the Girl

    I Know Places

    Mine (first time live on 1989 World… more Tour; dedicated to Rachel)


    Love Story (1989 Remix)


    This Love

    Bad Blood

    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock Remix)

    Wildest Dreams (contains elements of "Enchanted")

    Out of the Woods

    Shake It Off

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    It was amazing.  She sang everything I wanted to hear and sounded awesome.  There was one song where the Mic wasn't the one she was supposed to sing with because it wasn't loud enough but you could still here her and then she changed mics after the chorus but the audience sang along so it was still awesome.  This concert was the best concert for audience participation everyone sang along to every song and we were loud I've never gone to a concert where the crowd was that hyped it makes the concert a 100 times better when that happens.  I have never seen so many girls at a concert either especially little girls they were so excited I kinda felt bad for them when the concert started cause they couldn't see they really should have got seating instead of GA tickets.

    She opened with you belong with me and sang everything off fearless and taylor swift I was really impressed she came to the the back of the GA section in the crowd where I was which was cool I got to see her up close and all those little girls got to see her better too.  She stayed there for 4 songs and then walked through the crowd hugging and talking to people signing stuff.  She was so nice I have so much respect for her. 

    Stand out songs for me were:
    Love story  -OMG incredible never had so much fun singing she was beautiful in that white dress
    Fifteen -  acoustic style so beautiful
    You're not sorry - I was impressed with her piano playing
    White Horse
    Forever and always
    Teardrops on my guitar
    Our song
    Hey Stephen
    Tell me why
    Should have said no - She ended with this it was awesome the waterfall was cool.

    Her guitarist Grant was wicked talented.  The whole conducting of screams was funny and lots of fun.  I would hate to be a guy that screws her over she really gives it to them in the concert.  She is boycrazy.

    People who say she can't sing live are idios she sounds amazing I want go again.


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