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Seriously I watch a lot of tv shows and I'm so sick of couples being teased or getting together and then drama drama break up and so on and so on.

Out of all the shows I watch Pretty little Liars is the only one that keeps a couple I like together which is Spencer and Toby.

Even Hart of Dixie won't let Zoe and Wade be together.  When did it become so wrong to write a happy couple in love ffs.

The last really good relationship on tv that I loved was Nathan/Haley on One Tree Hill.

It's weak of writers to think that if a couple is happy together they will lose viewers.

Teen Wolf

Sep. 7th, 2013 05:16 pm
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So this week I had a couple of days off and I downloaded seasons 1-3 of Teen Wolf and marathoned it.  I'm am obsessed!!  Stiles is my fave obviously I love him so much.  Him and Scott are amazing friends.  Lydia I ended up loving so much she is totally awesome.  The parents on this show are pretty cool too.

The shirtless action on this show is ridiculous.  I mean the cast is gorgeous.  The coach is hilarious!!

It being an MTV production means it has awesome songs and they pop the name of the song on the screen which I love.  So much new music to listen to.

I can't wait for January for season 4.


Jun. 11th, 2013 05:46 pm
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I'm currently doing a re-watch of the series the x-files I never saw the last 2 seasons. I started watching it when I was 10 and really didn't understand a lot of it. I own the whole series and forgot I did. Now though I understand the references and jokes and how a awesome a show it was. David and Gillian were fantastic in it they really had chemistry. It's also one of the most frustrating shows cause I never know what is the lie. Who is playing Mulder? Genius writing.

There is something about the way it was filmed that it has a different feel maybe it's the lighting or something but it feels totally different to shows now. Also David is playing this character with such sincerity it blows my mind when he crys and leans on Scully he was kinda a little boy in some regards but other times he could be so smart and through it all he is so alone they both are.

Gillian playing Scully is such a bad ass! This is the kind of smart tough female role that I love to watch. Scully was often the harder bassass one of the 2. Also I love where she does Autopsies and they show it and Mulder is totally is grossed out lol. How come more crime shows don't show the Autopsy not even criminal minds goes into detail like the x-files did.

I can't wait to see how it ends to be honest.
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Blood Brothers spoilers )


Aug. 14th, 2012 09:05 pm
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Spoilers ahead )

I'm so impressed with this show.  If you haven't watched it you should.  

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spoilers 305 )

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Went shopping this morning.  I brought some actual cd's haven't done that for a while JB-hi-fi was having a buy 2 get one free so I brought some muse, jimmy eat world and sheryl crow best of.  I reckon cd's will be a thing of the past in another 2-3 yrs.  iTunes killed them.  I also brought Fringe season 1 and HIMYM 5 so that should be fun to watch.

Brought some nice candles I love Dusk far too much.  I finally brought some probiotics so hopefully I can kick my sugar addiction that has gotten to be ridiculous hopefully it will get rid of my cravings and things can go back to normal.  A tip for anyone on probiotics best to take them straight before bed that way they will be more effective.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]When ther are marathons of fave tv shows I'll just sit and watch.  So about 8hrs.


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