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 Next week I change area's at work I'll be the General area person.  I have to do a food safety supervisor course next week because once a fortnight business and corporations come to work and make a meal for the house and I now have to supervise.

It's so weird that this new job thinks I'm a people person when really I'm not but because it's work I'll do it.  They did say they trust me and respect me so that's nice.  I've been there a month and I made an impression as someone to get stuff done.

Next week I'll start Monday - Friday and be full time.  I'll work 11 - 7 pm but at least I get my weekends back.  Also I can get leave and sick leave too so that will be good.  I'm still trying to find somewhere closer to work to live but I just don't know how I'm going to get a place if all the showings are during the week and I'm working.  I know some real-estate places do Saturdays so I'll have focus on that.

Being a responsible adult sucks.  I just don't want my depression to come back full force.

first day

Jun. 20th, 2017 06:20 pm
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It was alright.  I forgot how low beds are and how long it takes to make them and tuck it all in.  My back is going to need massages monthly.
I never thought I would miss hospital beds.  I actually love to do common areas but they put this young girl on there she isn't too bright and doesn't like responsibility.  I'm hoping I can have Friday off and work Saturday.  I'm currently on casual rate so that's awesome. 

I hope they order uniforms because I'm going to end up getting bleach all over my clothes and I don't want to take 2 sets of clothes. 

The rooms take longe than I thought they would and the workers all seem too relaxed.  They like to chat and take their time at lunch and I"m not like that I rather just get it over with jump right in and not waste time.

I honestly have not a clue what else I could get a job in.  I have to drive so that is still my top goal of the year.
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I got paid yesterday.  It's such a huge relief I was down to like $6 in my account.  I'm working Friday to Monday so that's good hopefully I can keep like 4-5 shifts a week.  I really need to pay my credit card off.

All those job applications went nowhere I can't even get a job at coles.  They sent me a you have been unsuccessful email. Fuck them.

I just feel so useless and unhappy in life.  It's pretty much my default setting and I hate it.  It scares me to think I'm going to spend the next 30 years feeling like this.


Sep. 30th, 2011 08:57 pm
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So supply guy at work and I have so many things in common and we are chatting more and I just really like him. I just want to be friends with him and know him outside of work. It's been so long since I had a good guy friend.

In other news I've have been downloading every single live track of panic! at the disco I can find. Also All time low and Pearl Jam. It's kinda ridiculous cause now I have like 5 versions of each song but I'm obsessed with finding any live track of any band I like. I discovered that most people on iTunes have live iTunes sessions EPs which is blowing my mind and costing me lots of money. I think I might need to go to iTunes Anon I'm an addict and I can't stop.

18 more days till Soul Punk from Patrick Stump. I'm gonna have to pre-order that and I swear iTunes Australia better have it available the same day America gets it and not any later I will throw a hissy fit.
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Don't feel like going to work tomorrow it's still raining I think I've finally gotten use to that now. I feel like blowing off work and going to the movies. I still haven't seen Harry Potter and it's not gonna be on for much longer.

I hope work has fixed my schedule one of my co-ordinators rang 7:15am Saturday saying I was late for a 7am shift I rang her back to tell her that I didn't have a shift on Sat but on Monday 7am and she was like "Oh they wrote you on the wrong day" I hope she then went to fix it and put down for monday because if I turn up there tomorrow and they say I'm not down to work I swear I will just turn around and walk out. They need to get their shit together.

I really hate being broke. I wanna be a billionaire for real pitty I have nothing to sell. All the furniture stores are having big sales right now everything is so cheap and I could buy everything I need to move out but by the time I get this money the sales will be over. I really want to move out in the next 3 months. I just need to get my shit together. I'm gonna send resumes out to gyms see if they have any rooms to rent out for one day of the week and do nutrition consultations. Sometimes you just gotta do it make a move. The only problem is that people going to the gym aren't generally the kind of people I want to help they are the ones already motivated enough to help themselves. Every time I have set foot into a gym all I have seen is fit healthy people not one single overweight person.
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Went to work today wasn't a bad day at all just so tired. Working tomorrow as well. I hope I get a least 3-4 shifts a week that way I can start saving for my furniture. I need a fridge, couch draws and new bed. I have solid life plan up until March 1st. I had an Epiphany today I'm excited about it don't want say what it was cause I don't want it ruined.
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So after not working for a week cause they had no shifts for me I finally got called this morning.  Hopefully I can get a couple more shifts this week.  I expected  work to be less though around christmas it just how it is.

The baby birds are all gone the last flew from the nest this morning and I saw it and it was awesome.

Jimmy eat world are touring next year and I'm going!  Tickets go on sale tomorrow but they are doing small venues so it's gonna be a fight to get a ticket thank god for pre-sale.  So happy to see them again they are amazing you can listen to them in any mood and feel okay with the world. 

Muse concert in the next few weeks so excited to see them finally! 

Linkin Park do a concert on Friday but I decided not to go which I will probably regret but I don't like the new album maybe 3 songs and tickets are expensive it's just not worth it.

My neice started swimming lessons this week so cute!  She woke up at 5am she was so excited hahaha.  I can't wait till she can swim without floaties it's gonna be awesome. 

Patrick Stump released Spotlight 2 versions I feel spoiled.  I missed his voice so freaking much.  I'm excited for his album.  I like both versions but I voted the new regret version.  Gonna have it on repeat all night.
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I've been working a lot this week and my body is starting to feel it. Ouch!  Tuesday was kinda of an awesome day of surprise I went out to buy Fringe season two ended up buying Supernatural Season 5 will have to have a SPN marathon again soon.   I got almost this psychic vibe that the book I wanted to read would be out I went into the bookstore and looked on the new release shelf and there it was I was so surprised and happy that I literally gasped!  the lady down the isle turned to stare at me as I grabbed it and headed to the counter.  It made my whole week I can't wait to find out what happens to Matt, Perrin and Rand in Towers of Midnight.  So far the Aes Sedai piss me off but nothing new there I just wish there was more Matt.  I kinda don't want this series to ever end I think I will cry when it does. 

Cobra starship are coming back but with Maroon 5 I hate Maroon 5 couldn't they come with like GC or someone I actually like.  I guess I will still go but just for them. 

It was remembrance day today so we all stopped at work for a minuet silence.  It makes me sad to think of all the people that have lost their life in the armed forces.  War sucks.
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I haven't worked  at all this week but I can't until I get my back fixed I was playing with my neice and it froze up and now I have sciatica.  I called my massage therapist and have 10:30am appointment tomorrow.   Can't wait for the pain to go away I've been through 2 packets of nurofen and 1 roll of voltaren just trying to block out the pain.  I've been doing heaps of stretches but it's not helping.

Waiting for someone to upload TVD  can't wait to see it. 

Hopefully I can get lots of shifts next week. 
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I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow.  A co-ordinator called me asked me to work 7-3 shift I say sure but then he says you'll be on perodics with some women who I have never met.  I don't know what the hell Perodics do and I'll be the first one on so no one will be able to show me.  Maybe I can get them to change it when I explain this tomorrow.  Dammit I should have just said no and worked friday and saturday instead.


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