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I miss Supernatural I really want to watch because it is getting hard to avoid spoilers I stay away from Twitter on the day it airs.  I stay out of threads on messege boards I skim things that might contain a hint of a spoiler.  I really want to watch the whole thing together I'm not good at waiting.  I haven't watched the DVDs in months even though I just brought season 5.  I think if I did have an SPN marathon I would cave and download everything.  Other show have tried to fill the gap like Fringe TVD Glee and Merlin. 

I finished reading Towers of Midnight left me wanting more like always and now I have to wait another year for the next book.  I hope Egewenes plans fall through.  She is so annoying in the books I love how Perrin owned her in the world of dreams so awesome.  I feel sad for Mat how could they do that to my favourite character?  Nyenaeve is awesome as always.  Perrin really grew in this book I think he might be my second fave character.  There was not enough Aviendha if I ever have a girl I'm naming her that.  I really can't wait for Matt Rand and Perrin to all be together again it's gonna be epic.  I kinda missed the Ogre hope they show up at the end.  Olver is so awesome I hope he doesn't die I love that Mat doesn't see that he takes after him lol.  I love the Band of the Red Hand all of them they make me laugh I hope they don't all die.  I think the next book is gonna make me cry.  I can't wait till Tam learns of his sons other lovers I can't believe Rand has 3 that is so weird.  Mat is gonna be fun when he finds out too. 

Everyone should read the Wheel of Time the first book is The Eye of the world go to your library and get it or buy it.  It will take you on a journey unlike any other.
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I've been working a lot this week and my body is starting to feel it. Ouch!  Tuesday was kinda of an awesome day of surprise I went out to buy Fringe season two ended up buying Supernatural Season 5 will have to have a SPN marathon again soon.   I got almost this psychic vibe that the book I wanted to read would be out I went into the bookstore and looked on the new release shelf and there it was I was so surprised and happy that I literally gasped!  the lady down the isle turned to stare at me as I grabbed it and headed to the counter.  It made my whole week I can't wait to find out what happens to Matt, Perrin and Rand in Towers of Midnight.  So far the Aes Sedai piss me off but nothing new there I just wish there was more Matt.  I kinda don't want this series to ever end I think I will cry when it does. 

Cobra starship are coming back but with Maroon 5 I hate Maroon 5 couldn't they come with like GC or someone I actually like.  I guess I will still go but just for them. 

It was remembrance day today so we all stopped at work for a minuet silence.  It makes me sad to think of all the people that have lost their life in the armed forces.  War sucks.


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