Oct. 3rd, 2017 03:20 pm
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I've been sick with gasto off/on for the past 2 weeks it's horrible.  I did my tax and got a decent return and then paid my student loan off with it.

I still have one student load left of about $8000 which I can start paying off every fortnight.

I'm trying really hard to go tick things off my list. 

Number one be debt free.

Number two move.

Number three car.


Aug. 21st, 2017 06:20 pm
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I'm so sick of doing things for people who should know better!!!!!!

I'm constantly fixing phones or scanning post or emailing shit because people are lazy and refuse to learn how to do this shit.

Todays example is my neighbours husband who's group certificate is here but they are traveling around in their caravan and now he want me to send him the information to so he can do his tax.  This shit is not my responsibility you want to go on holidays for months at time you should think of shit in advance!!!!!

Plus he is rude fucker who treats his wife like shit.  I can't stand men like him where everything revolves around them and other people live to serve their every whim.
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I forgot how mind numbing full time work can be. I hate routine all I keep thinking is there has to be more to life than this.

Ever since I was a little kid and learned how forests provide life I've wanted to protect them or grow my own.  Australia is one big desert and it always makes me sad because it doesn't have to be it's just that real-estate and mining have destroyed the land.  All I honestly want to do with my life is buy a defunct farm that is barren and turn it into a lush green area of conservation.  It would take my whole life but I would love it.  The only problem is I don't have money and you can't make money by planting trees so I would be doing it in free time away from a job and Australia is a very wide spaced country it takes ages to go anywhere rural. 

It's the only thing I want out of all of my life.
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So the last couple of weeks have been sorta sad.  Chester Bennington committed suicide and Linkin Park is one of my favourite bands.  Their whole catalogue is one big goodbye notice especially the last album it's like he was planning it.  I didn't know he had 6 kids either I feel terrible for them. 

It's scary that someone with so much still struggles with it. I've been there and it's so scary because it just takes a moment to do something. I hate the thought that no matter what you achieve it will be there. It's not right.
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 Next week I change area's at work I'll be the General area person.  I have to do a food safety supervisor course next week because once a fortnight business and corporations come to work and make a meal for the house and I now have to supervise.

It's so weird that this new job thinks I'm a people person when really I'm not but because it's work I'll do it.  They did say they trust me and respect me so that's nice.  I've been there a month and I made an impression as someone to get stuff done.

Next week I'll start Monday - Friday and be full time.  I'll work 11 - 7 pm but at least I get my weekends back.  Also I can get leave and sick leave too so that will be good.  I'm still trying to find somewhere closer to work to live but I just don't know how I'm going to get a place if all the showings are during the week and I'm working.  I know some real-estate places do Saturdays so I'll have focus on that.

Being a responsible adult sucks.  I just don't want my depression to come back full force.

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I worked my ass off these past 2 weeks and I filled time-sheet wrong so I got paid half of what I did.  Less than half actually.  I thought this place would be good but because it's a non profit it is all up to yourself to make sure everything is done.

It just feels very sloppy.  My back/legs/feet haven't been without pain since I got the job.

I just want my life to change.  I thought working full time would get me that but I can't even do the simplest things.
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Work is good.  I'm settling in.  They pay is awesome. I'm sore all the time and have dropped 7kgs in 2 weeks unbelievable.  My co-workers are nice.  I'm realizing how much time I wasted at the hospital 7yrs and for nothing.  I must have been so depressed I didn't even know that I had become apathetic It's like I just paused life and didn't really think or change anything. 

Never again.  I want to feel alive and be chasing something.

first day

Jun. 20th, 2017 06:20 pm
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It was alright.  I forgot how low beds are and how long it takes to make them and tuck it all in.  My back is going to need massages monthly.
I never thought I would miss hospital beds.  I actually love to do common areas but they put this young girl on there she isn't too bright and doesn't like responsibility.  I'm hoping I can have Friday off and work Saturday.  I'm currently on casual rate so that's awesome. 

I hope they order uniforms because I'm going to end up getting bleach all over my clothes and I don't want to take 2 sets of clothes. 

The rooms take longe than I thought they would and the workers all seem too relaxed.  They like to chat and take their time at lunch and I"m not like that I rather just get it over with jump right in and not waste time.

I honestly have not a clue what else I could get a job in.  I have to drive so that is still my top goal of the year.


Jun. 19th, 2017 01:17 pm
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I start my new job tomorrow.  He said to show up at 8am and nothing else so I have no idea if he is going to give an orientation or just make me jump right in.  My back is sore from sitting on the floor with my niece.  I've been stretching but it's not much better.  I just want a schedule of when I'm working.  I also have a concert next week and I'm not looking forward to working the next day but he said I would only be working 4 full days so I'm hoping for mondays off.  

I hope this place will be a good place to work.  I don't want any drama. 
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The hub just announced a Stargate Convention in Sydney with main original cast plus jonas and chuck.  I'm going so I can finally meet my idol Amanda Tapping.  She is a total hero of mine.  

I'm getting a day ticket and buying photo op's and signatures there on the day.  I was thinking of getting vip but honestly I don't have $500 extra for group photos and panel on stage. 

I'll book flight's once I get paid just fly down to Sydney for the day and home at night Only takes 2hrs

Gavin DeGraw is coming to Brisbane in his 1st concert tour her and it's a Monday night and in a venue I hate but I love that he even considered touring Brisbane so of course I'm going I just hope I don't have to work the next day.  I think my schedule will be Wednesday to Saturday but I'm not sure.

I emailed the other place and quit.  I feel terrible but honestly this other job is closer and pays way more.  I just wish I would plan for the future a little more. 

Also I just ate 4 slices of pizza hahaha
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I just got a phone call offering me the job I wanted at $24/h and I accepted.  I start next tuesday.  I have to go buy some shirts because they haven't as yet got a uniform but that is ok I got paid long service leave from my old job so that's something! 

I have to call the other place I accepted work and tell them I can no longer work there.  I hate having to do that but I'll be much happier at this new place.  He is offering me part time work of 30hrs.  Now I just have to put up with parents worried about their sick kids.
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My sister is getting bitchier by the day because she is dealing with my uncle and the home we put him into.  I honestly don't really want anything to do with it but I said I'd look after the kids if she is busy.  She has the ability to say no. 

Also aunty vicki isn't pulling her weight if he lives another 5 year we will have to pay 20 000 to the home for him and she doesn't want to cough up the money to help.

They have his super which was 140k but that was to secure his room he only gets pension and about $50 is left from what they take if he needs medication that cost $50 that's everything gone.  So we would have to pay.

I can't do anything in this situation. 
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My work paid me long service pay so that's something.  I was thinking of spending the money on driving lessons I don't start work until the 26th so I could in theory get at least 10 lessons down and maybe do the test if I have any confidence.  I just don't know what company to go with the last one I went with were excellent but that was over a year ago and I'm embarrassed that if I call them they will know I didn't get anywhere.  On the other hand there are a lot of local driving schools cheaper but I would have to ring them instead of booking online.  The other school I was thinking of has toyota corollas in auto for $50 p/h which is so cheap compared to everywhere else.  I just think they limited times to drive I'll call them tomorrow and see.  I wouldn't mind doing 2 hrs on Saturday morning  and then an hour and a half 3 days a week at say 10am. 

I just really have to do this and I know it but the anxiety feels like it's crushing me.
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It turns out she lied and told me shifts were 5hrs a day no.  Turns out they are 3hrs a day.  It's not worth going there for 3 hrs every week it'll cost me a fortune in transport just to get there. 

I'll be working 3hrs 5 days a week I'm hoping I can do double shifts honestly.  At least now I will definitely have to get centerlink payments and it will be and extra 200 a fortnight until i can get a more suitable job.

I will stick it out for 3 months. Get my car up and running and start my own job.
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I went to get the uniform fitting and it was very rushed.  I got a top that is loose and button down but the pants weren't there in my size so I chose another pair that were cargo like with pockets.  The materiel in both were horrible especially with cleaning.  I prefer cotton not polyester it's going to be really hot wearing it but hopefully since I only do 5 hrs not too horrible.

I got an email saying she is giving me 30hrs/fortnight to start with which I said was ok but hopefully I can at least get 20 hrs a week which will push my pay up to $600 a fortnight. 

I am going to drive every chance I get and pass my test so I can get another job.  This is my only goal for the rest of the year.

I'm still going to get government backpay from when I left my other job and hopefully still sell stuff on gumtree.  I can't do ebay anymore the fees are killing me and paypal holding my money for 21 days because of money laundering schemes is just ridiculous plus there fee's are absurd.

Some one really needs to come up with an alternative to paypal. 


Jun. 2nd, 2017 01:12 pm
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I went to the interview today and it went well.  I hope I get it he was really nice but totally overworked and it's his job to make the place more professional and working smarter.

It would be awesome to get it.  I would get the bus and just walk down the road to the place they have a rotating roster over 7 days which would be nice.  And most importantly they pay $24 an hour instead of the crappy $19 that the other place are going to pay me.
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I've got another interview tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it.  I just I want the job I don't know why I need references at all.  It's cleaning surely put me on trial for a day and see how I do it's not that difficult.

It would be amazing to get this job tomorrow but I have a feeling that they won't hire me at all.
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 I got the job at the aged care place.  It's low paying and the commute is going to suck but I'm so happy.  Unfortunately I won't get shifts until 26/6 which leaves a month and 2 weeks before getting paid.

However I am getting money from my ebay store that might take some stress off me.

So relieved.
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 I'm so regretting quitting my job.  I have no money at all.  I can't  get government assistance yet because my work won't fill out a separation form so Centrelink won't pay me. 

I sold some stuff on ebay but I can't get that until july because paypal is holding it.

My dad gave me some money but he wasn't happy that he had to. 

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I failed my interview that I went to today so hard that I wanted to puch myself in the head.  He through me a question about what would be better than working at where I previously works why is the grass greener and I stumbled so hard to say something and I said the complete wrong thing. 

I'm feel like I'm never going to get another job and it's been a week god damn I hate this.


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