Apr. 1st, 2014


Apr. 1st, 2014 02:01 pm
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I watched the 30 seconds to Mars Documentary Artifact today.  It's about how record companies screw over artist and that is their business model.  They make no apologies for it.  So 30 seconds to Mars were sued by their own label for $30 million for breach of contract and 30stm fought back saying there was no breach under california law.

Anyway after 200 days of a lawsuit with the label Jared Leto and managers send them terms and conditions to re-sign with the label and get out of the lawsuit.  Eventually the label caves and they resign.

Jared and the band got what they wanted sort of they haven't been paid for any of their album sales.  They are basically slaves to this label and the label knows it.  I get why they stayed with the label because they didn't want to do it themselves and were scared of another label being worse.  It sucks that is how the music business is actually run.  I can't even imagine what some other huge artist goes through they don't even have anything to do with the music.

I'm so proud of Hanson for going independent.  I know they work really hard and I'm proud they are the type to say screw you I'll do it my way no matter the consequences.  That's fucking brave.

Speaking of hanson tickets go on sale next week.  They are playing the tivoli I'll get a ticket to that but not any other shows.  I don't have any money.


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