a_lone_mirage: Tay & Zac (Hanson)
2017-06-05 02:38 pm
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Uniform fitting

I went to get the uniform fitting and it was very rushed.  I got a top that is loose and button down but the pants weren't there in my size so I chose another pair that were cargo like with pockets.  The materiel in both were horrible especially with cleaning.  I prefer cotton not polyester it's going to be really hot wearing it but hopefully since I only do 5 hrs not too horrible.

I got an email saying she is giving me 30hrs/fortnight to start with which I said was ok but hopefully I can at least get 20 hrs a week which will push my pay up to $600 a fortnight. 

I am going to drive every chance I get and pass my test so I can get another job.  This is my only goal for the rest of the year.

I'm still going to get government backpay from when I left my other job and hopefully still sell stuff on gumtree.  I can't do ebay anymore the fees are killing me and paypal holding my money for 21 days because of money laundering schemes is just ridiculous plus there fee's are absurd.

Some one really needs to come up with an alternative to paypal.