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I arrived at 7pm the line was already down the street it was insane.  We finally go in at 7:45pm I wanted to be as close to the stage as I could but had to go to the toilet so I ended up on the balcony upstairs. Matt Wertz comes out and nobody cared around me except me I really love him so I sang along.  He really won the crowd over though he is amazing at least 4 girls around me were on their iPhones buying his albums off iTunes as he played them lol.  He got the crowd to sing to songs they didn't even know amazing.  

Hanson came out they opened with Waiting for This which sounded ok but they had tech difficulties and Ike and Tay were annoyed.
Tay didn't sound right the sound for him was wrong and Ike was pissed his guitars weren't done properly so after the first 2 or 3 songs they went off stage had a band meeting and decided to do acoustic of Madeline which was a dream come true while the techs fixed everything.  Then they relised the crowd was mostly newbies/oldies so did heaps of old songs and zac songs because nothing was wrong with his sound.  Which I had no problem with Zac is my fave.  Once everything was fixed they played a bunch of song including a beatles cover and another cover song. Which both had Zac on lead.  Ike really has grown as a guitarist and was great and Taylor is charasmatic on stage your eyes can't help but go to him.  I was on his side of the stage so I had perfect view of him.  

I took photos but my camera is shit and most of them are blury and far away.  I took some video but I will work on that in the following concerts.  I'll be closer to the stage at the other concerts.  I can't believe I saw Hanson it happens too infrequently but each time is magical.  

Set list in no order

Waiting for this
Where's the love
Thinking bout you 
With you in your dreams
Can't stop
Runaway Run
You never know
This time around
Strong enough to break
Get up and Go 
Lost without each other
Penny and me
Carry you there
Been there before
Voice in the chorus
Musical Ride
Cover song - Oh Darling
Cover song - I need you
And I waited
Thinking bout something
Give a little
If Only/Let's get it on

on 2012-09-12 05:39 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] cenedrawood.livejournal.com
I've been listening to a lot of Hanson lately. I really miss them. I should start going to more shows.

on 2012-09-12 06:26 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] dolphinchic.livejournal.com
I'm so happy I get to go to these shows last time they came I was so broke I spent my last $10 getting there lol. Since I was 13 I've wanted to go around Australia on a Hanson Tour.


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