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Enmore Theater concert was last night and what a blast it was.  Just when I think they can't raise the bar any furthur they do!
Matt Wertz came out and by this time the crowd was eager to have some fun and a lot of us have seen him before so we knew the lyrics.  He was like 'Hanson fans are the best fans in the world my own personal fans in the US don't do this'  There was a chant for him to take his top off I hope that is on youTube it was classic he undid one button and said he felt like a slut for that LMAO.  He wants to see a Kangaroo but doesn't want to go to a zoo so this girl in front row had a photo of a kangaroo who is a rescue she looks after on her phone and showed him and he was like that is cool.  I'm a little in love with Matt Wertz I can't help it he's so charming.

Hanson came out and the sound of the crowd was deafening my ears still haven't recovered.  Isaac, Taylor and Zac looked really hot and so happy!!  I was on Taylors side of the stage he was wearing really tight jeans a cream overshirt with a blue neckerchief pure Taylor hotness.  They were so on last night.

The set list stayed the same with the exception of Zac singing Go and letting us decide if he played on Guitar or Piano.  Guitar won I got video of that on my phone.  Taylor came out and did a song off the members EP I also got that on video.  I will add both to my photobucket later.  They also played Rock and Roll Razorblade.

What I have really noticed about last night was there were more guys there. The guy next to me was there with some friends and his girlfriend and he got really into the show he danced and clapped and sang but I could see he was so impressed with their musicality he was more of a Metallica fan but Hanson blew him away.  I've noticed this about all the concerts I've gone to so far is the fans that are there for nostalgia are the ones completely blown away by the end of the night because they have never been to a concert like that.  It's hardcore happiness at the end of the night and they exceed your expectations they raise the bar on music and fandom.  I love that.


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