a_lone_mirage: (westallen)
a_lone_mirage ([personal profile] a_lone_mirage) wrote2017-06-10 09:15 am

family stress

My sister is getting bitchier by the day because she is dealing with my uncle and the home we put him into.  I honestly don't really want anything to do with it but I said I'd look after the kids if she is busy.  She has the ability to say no. 

Also aunty vicki isn't pulling her weight if he lives another 5 year we will have to pay 20 000 to the home for him and she doesn't want to cough up the money to help.

They have his super which was 140k but that was to secure his room he only gets pension and about $50 is left from what they take if he needs medication that cost $50 that's everything gone.  So we would have to pay.

I can't do anything in this situation. 

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